Curriculum Committee Minutes – February 6, 2023

Curriculum Committee Minutes

Date: February 6, 2023


  • Ed Cannon – Committee Chair
  • Jorge Chavez
  • Kristie Kauerz
  • Remi Kalir (sabbatical)
  • Andrea Laser
  • Julia Mahfouz
  • Scott McLeod (sabbatical)
  • Laura Summers


  • Shakira Anderson
  • Shannon Hagerman (CPE)



Faculty Meeting

  • Notified faculty and program leaders the 5-year syllabi review process will begin soon. LDFS is the first program up for review.

Instructor Mentoring

  • Follow up question from the December meeting for Faculty Affairs Dorothy Garrison-Wade. Program leaders are responsible for mentoring and onboarding new lecturer hires.


Upcoming Items

  • The committee would like to have a conversation with the deans about strategies to review new courses to make sure there is not course duplication across programs in the SEHD.



Status                                   Item(s)                                                                                                 Presenter


Approved                            STEM 7030: Decolonizing STEM Spaces                                   Geeta Verma

  • A new EdD course that is designed for STEM students, however the course will be available to all EdD students.
  • The committee was concerned that the course may overlap with other doctoral courses currently offered.
    • Geeta discussed the concerns with AD Scott Bauer and STEM program Leader Heather Johnson. It is agreed that STME 7030 does not overlap with existing courses, and adding the course to the EdD program will make a robust course offerings to the EdD program.


Approved                            EDFN 3010: Lived Experiences: Wilderness Medicine Education

  • Part of the Lived Experiences internship courses where students earn college credit for lived and learned experiences.
  • Recommendations from the committee:
    • Update the title to include outdoor education.
    • Revise the course description to indicate this course is designed for educators who are integrating outdoor education in their teaching. This will help clarify how the course fits into the SEHD.