As our campus navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty have worked extremely hard to be flexible with modalities, follow safety protocols, and be present for their students.

It is unlikely that the University would go to fully remote classes this academic year, but we continue to monitor COVID-19 data and follow public health guidance.

Since the pandemic is beginning to enter the endemic phase, our COVID-19 protocols for case investigation and contact tracing are changing:

  • Self-reporting is still required if you or your students are sick or test positive. If a student tells you that they are sick or tests positive, please keep their health information private and ask them to self-report.
  • Guidance will be sent to the individual with details on how long to quarantine/isolate (or if they are automatically cleared to be on campus). Employees are encouraged to use sick leave or use alternative teaching arrangements if they are not feeling well.
  • Letters from the COVID Team will no longer be sent to faculty and supervisors indicating quarantine/isolation and clearance dates. Instead, the individual will be given guidance (which includes a link to the CDC’s quarantine/isolation calculator) on when to safely return to campus.
  • If a student notifies you that they are sick with COVID-19, you may ask them to send the dates for their quarantine/isolation according to the CDC’s calculator.
  • If a faculty has questions about a student’s status or isolation timeline, they should contact CU Denver’s Public Health Response Director Lacey Klindt, for assistance.
  • Please work with your students to facilitate assignments while they are isolating.
  • Contact tracing by the COVID Team will no longer be conducted. Rather, the individual will be asked to notify their close contacts. The COVID Team will continue to monitor trends, clusters, and outbreaks if they occur.

The CU Denver COVID-19 website has more information about vaccines, testing, self-reporting, treatment, and safety protocols. Additionally, there is an information section specifically for faculty.

If you have questions about a student’s return-to-campus status or about your own situation, please contact CU Denver’s Public Health Response Director Lacey Klindt,

We trust our campus community to make responsible decisions to keep our campus safe.

University Covid Policy Updates