As previously announced, Interim Deans Scott Bauer and Barbara Seidl have reinstated the the SEHD Faculty Development Grant! Applications are now open for the Spring 2022 SEHD Faculty Development Grant. SEHD Faculty Development Grants are available to full time faculty (T/TT,CT, Sr. Instructor & Instructor). The maximum amount of the award is $1000 dollars per year. NOTE: You need to demonstrate that you will use your existing faculty development funds or plan to exhaust all your funds (PD, grants, etc.) prior to the end of the school year. These grants are perfect for providing matching funds for YUMP grants or ORS grants. The application deadline has been extended to Friday, February 25th.

Apply now!

Examples of SEHD Faculty Development Grants

  • Matching Funds for ORS grants
  • Professional Translator to Transcript Survey Date
  • Host forums or special workshops.
  • Research software or other types of research material.
  • Publication support for development of a manuscript, score, script, or a catalog resulting from an exhibition.
  • Support for a student hourly research assistant.
  • Materials required for portfolio development.
  • Support for developing new teaching pedagogies in the classroom.
  • Travel costs for faculty mentors to visit locally or for faculty to visit mentors.

Approval Process (submit electronically)

  1. Faculty submits SEHD Faculty Development Grant application.
  2. The applications are prepared for review and submitted to the Deans.
  3. The Deans review grant requests and makes decision on the award.
  4. Faculty members are notified of the SEHD Faculty Development grant awards.

Please contact Dorothy Garrison-Wade with any questions.

SEHD Faculty Development Grant Application: Deadline Extended to 2/25/22!