ThinqStudio invites CU Denver faculty and librarians to apply to work with us to imagine and create new ways of teaching and learning, try these ideas out in both our community of practice and with your students, and share your results across campus and beyond. This two-year fellowship is designed to give CU Denver colleagues time and support these aims.

ThinqStudio is committed to the purposeful service of human and social goals. We seek to develop capacities that advance the social good and reduce disparities in educational access, participation, and achievement. We are dedicated to engendering inclusive, critical, collaborative, and digital teaching and learning at CU Denver in all venues and across all disciplines.

Eligibility: All rostered faculty and librarians (Tenure-track/Tenured, Instructors/Sr. Instructors, and Clinical Teaching Track) of all ranks are eligible to apply.

Deadline and Application Form: Applications are due by midnight of August 3, 2020. You can link to the online application at:

Summary: This is a guided two-year Fellowship. The first academic year emphasizes participation in ThinqStudio events, building relationships, working with a ThinqPartner, and planning for the second year. Fellows who participate actively during the first year and have developed plans for their second year will receive a one-time stipend. Fellows will also receive a course release and stipend in the spring of their second year for that year’s participation. For more details about the two-year program and expectations, please go to ThinqStudio.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dennis DeBay or Pam Laird.

ThinqStudio Two-Year Fellowships — Call for Applications for 2020-2022