Dr. Robin Brandehoff 


The “IDL” Class: Situating CLDE Courses in the 2020 Socio-Political Landscape

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

9:00 – 9:30 Teaching Presentation

9:30 – 9:50 Presentation Q & A

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The murder of George Floyd and ongoing acts of systemic racism and police brutality throughout our country have ignited some of the largest civil rights protests around the world led by the Black Lives Matter movement. Coupled with COVID-19 and ongoing ICE raids and immigrant detention camps where children are separated and detained 12 miles from the CU Denver campus, it is vital to acknowledge that Black and Brown Communities of Color remain under attack and are dying at disproportionate rates around the country. This presentation will not only acknowledge these socio-political disparities and their interrelations to the CU Denver community but will also explore how CLDE courses and digital communities can be utilized to understand, challenge, and promote education as an act of social justice.

– Presented by Dr. Robin Brandehoff, candidate for Clinical Assistant Professor, Teaching Track for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE)  

 A brief bio on Dr. Robin Brandehoff: Robin Brandehoff obtained her doctoral degree in Education and Human Development with an emphasis in Urban Ecologies from CU Denver. She is an educator and theatre arts practitioner driven to work alongside students and teachers in communities facing conflict and marginalization using drama to educate, play, and liberate. Her research examines the oppressions and traumas of marginalized Communities of Color through mentorship, performance, and counter-stories to support and educate Latinx gang-affiliated youth and the educational leaders and mentors that work with them. Hailing from Hawai’i and California, Robin is a first-generation high school and college graduate who emphasizes the importance of individualized advising and mentorship for all students—particularly first-generation Students of Color. She has been an educator for over twelve years, working in alternative education as an English, ELD, and Leadership teacher, as well as a site & grant coordinator, and administrator. During her doctoral studies, Robin held the role of program director and researcher for Pathways2Teaching (www.pathways2teaching.com) allowing her to explore what it truly means to teach for social justice and equity as she worked alongside high school students, teachers, doctoral students, and university faculty in the Denver Metropolitan area and additional affiliate sites. This work led to her invitation to become a member of the national Grow Your Own Collective (www.gyocollective.org), which she now co-leads. In this role, Robin has worked and presented with various GYO programs and leaders from around the country to create a sustainable model for recruiting & retaining diverse, community-grounded Teachers of Color. Robin is also entering her third year as a board member of the international Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, Inc. (www.ptoweb.org). This organization supports individuals and groups whose work challenges oppressive systems by promoting critical thinking and social justice through liberatory theatre and popular education in marginalized communities.

Dr. Brandehoff’s CV can be found here.  (Please note that certain personal information has been redacted.)

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Faculty Candidate Presentation, Clinical Track, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education – Dr. Robin Brandehoff (Tuesday, June 30, 9:00 AM)