In the spirit of efficiency and cost-savings, the SEHD is retiring 3 free-range printers as of Spring 2020. These are…

  • 6th floor – 632 Breakroom
  • 6th floor – Hallway near 640 offices
  • 7th floor – Hallway near 740 offices

Employees can still print to any of the Konica/Minolta Printer/Copiers located on each floor. If you have any problems or questions with using the Printer/Copiers please contact

Also, do you realize your students are allocated funds each semester to do their own printing? Instead of making copies, please consider distributing digital handouts and letting your students decide whether to print or not.

  • $50 SEHD Students may print from the 7th floor lab in the Student Commons
  • $35 CU Denver Students may print from any other computer lab on campus
  • $85 total
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