UCDALI Executive Committee Meeting Notes

November 12, 2019 Student Commons 3121


In attendance: V. Shyu, J. Bihun, B. Pugliano (CAM), R. Hunt, B. Bierer, P. Laird, D. DeBay, L. Potter, L. Fried (Bus), E. Baker (Library), T. Spehn, M. Baker (Bus)—all others CLAS



Next meeting Tues, 12/10/19; SC 3121; 1-2:30 pm

Chancellor’s Meeting, Fri, 12/15 @ 12:30

Provost’s Meeting—pushed until Feb, 2020


Ongoing Business

  • IRC Policy and Procedure (P & P) Sub-Committee—makes IRC more visible on campus;
    • Currently working on gathering material and practices for IRC faculty across schools and colleges regarding number of IRC, Multi-year contracts (MYCs), leave policies, orientations, mentoring, etc
    • Discussion on MYCs at meeting revealed there is no standardized language across schools/colleges. IF “at will” is in contract, either party can absolve it and/or change conditions of contract at any time
  • 2012: Then Gov Hickenlooper stated we have binding term contracts—remove “at will” wording. Thus, if dissolved, there can be liquidated damages
    • Right now—no recourse if “at will” phrase is in contract, even if Multi-Year
    • Binding contract wording must be in MYCs
    • Purpose of MYCs was for IRC to be joined with TTF in the commitment and pedagogy of department and to be part of programs for departments; purpose was “partnership”—IRC has ownership of programs/pedagogy as well as TTF.
    • Regent’s Policy specifies that a MYC is NOT an “at will” offer….no school’s wording should say this.


Brochures: New trifold UCDALI brochures featuring new mission statement will be designed by Lee Potter. Note use of new wording “Instructional, Research and Clinical Faculty” (IRC)—formerly none as NTTF.


Meeting with Chancellor Horrell: This Friday, 11/15 @ 12:15

  • Presenting UCDALI’s new missing statement
  • IRC Policies, Procedures/Bylaws
  • UCDALIs CU Denver Lecturers Report
  • 16 recommendations (4 overall categories) regarding best practices for Lecturers
    • Administrative support for Lecturer’s (mentor, point of contract; orientation)
    • Senior Lecturer Position (formation of task force to explore new title; minimum raise over lecturer position; long term stability; promotion track in bylaws)
    • Basic Human Needs (secure office space; transportation)
    • Other (appointment letter timeliness; etc)


Department Bridge Network Liaison Reports

Business officially approved CTT position—still details to flush out regarding who is to review CTT applications, how much (or whether “promise of” )research is required, etc

CAM is debated who “peers” are for IRC in peer classroom observation for excellence in teaching. Can IRC observe IRC….must it be TTF or someone who in charge of promotion of IRC faculty.


UCDALI Executive Committee Meeting Notes November