Final Defense – Tara DeLaFuente

Broken Pipelines: Exploring the Obstacles Face in Accessing Higher Education

Nov 21 at 10 am

LSC 700

The qualitative collective case study uses human ecological theory to explore why Black and Latino adults do not pursue higher education in the United States. The research reviews four personal cases with adults 18-29 years of age, Black or Latino ethnicity, attended and graduated from public high school in the United States, and who never attended college. The interviews focus on personal stories growing up, family values, goals and dreams, school relationships, community connections, and how those interactions impacted the participants in accessing higher education. In addition, the study examines the definition, background, and current status of Black and Latino families, race, and higher education in the United States. Next, the research discusses the obstacles Black and Latino adults encounter in accessing higher education. Lastly, the study explores the support system at school and in the community that serve underserved populations. Overall, the results increase awareness about Black and Latino families in the United States, achievement gaps, college access, and the personal stories the participants had in accessing higher education.