Date:     March 18, 2019


Lisa Forbes – Committee Chair

Dennis DeBay

Lori Elliott

Cristina Gillanders

Scott McLeod

Nicole Sager

Diana Schaack



Shakira Anderson

Hilary Bruce




Scott Bauer approved the Monday Morning Message for the article Yes, Your Syllabus Is Way Too Long.  A couple of ideas to make the article interactive for comments are, Google Docs and peer review.



Status                                   Item(s)                                                                 Presenter


Approved                        ECED Revisions                                                      Lori Ryan/Kristen Klaassen


Courses are part of the Early Childhood Coaching Certificate. Revising the titles and course content to be more field-based.

  • ECED 4410-5410 Coaching for Early Childhood Professionals: Foundations
  • ECED 4420-5420 Coaching Early Childhood Professionals: Awareness
  • ECED 4430-5430 Coaching for Early Childhood Professionals: Attuning


Approved                        CLDE 5001 – CLDE Content Bridge                 Liz Mahon


CLDE 5001: Content Bridge in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

Course is being offered for a transitional period to students who have recently completed the elementary teacher license program and wish to pursue an endorsement in CLDE.


Syllabi Review

Reviews are completed. The committee will communicate to the programs with any updates. Next review in five years.


  • EDUC 7100 Leadership
  • EDUC 7230
  • SPSY 6160 School Psychology
  • ECED 6910, 6912, 6914 Early Childhood



Appointments approved

Curriculum Committee – March 18