UCDALI – Executive Committee Meeting – Spring 2019

Executive Committee Meeting
Spring 2019 – February 14th
12:00 – 1:30

Eric Baker, Rebecca Hunt, Linda Fried, Rachel Stein, Melinda Wilding, Masoud Asadi-Zeydabadi,
Dennis Debay, Maryam Darbeheshti,Lucy Dwight, Pamela Laird, Vivian Shyu, Lee Potter

Welcome/Lunch & Scheduling

  • Meetings this semester will be March 19th and April 16th

Ongoing Business

  • Rebecca Hunt will be setting up another meeting for the Mission Statement Committee. They are getting very close and believe they will have a draft for the group at the next meeting.


  • The budget is looking very good. We are in a good place and have enough funds to hold a few events this semester.

Officer Positions

  • Lucy Dwight will be stepping down as VP, and Dennis Debay will be moving into that position effective 02-19-2019.
  • The secretary / treasurer position is still open, and there is discussion about splitting that into two positions.


  • Maryam Darbeheshti will be stepping in for Sam Walker on the Faculty Assembly for one semester.
  • Educational Policy and University Standards (EPUS) has an open seat as Sarah Fields goes on sabbatical. If you are interested or have questions about the commitment, please contact Vivian.
  • Keith Guzik from the Sociology Department has asked if a member of UCDALI could meet with his replacement. This is a great step for UCDALI and definitely a roll that we are looking to fill. Lucy Dwight will be meeting with the individual.
  • Nelia Vivarios and Mark Heredia are working on review campus level policies that are being effected by article 5, as well as some other general policy reviews. One of these policies covers professional plans, and a discrepancy in language and use across campus. If you have any comments on professional plans and their effectiveness please email those Reponses to Eric Baker or Lee Potter.
  • There is also work on defining titles on our campus. Titles have been moved into the hands of each campus, and Vivian will be working with Mark and Nelia on this.
  • There was a long discussion regarding standard teaching load.


  • The call for CLAS NTTF Professional Grant Applications has gone out. We will be awarding six $1000 grants, with the deadline for applications April 1st.
  • The call for NTTF Best Practices has gone out. This is a $2500 award for a department that can demonstrate a best practice that is better our campus. The money is to be used towards NTTF, and anyone can submit an application on behalf of their department.
  • We are currently planning a spring event with all of the Dean’s to get them to come to the table and discuss Multi-year contracts, CTT, Lecturers, rank and promotion, and other topics.


  • We are planning on getting the newsletter out by the first week of March, and include the call for Professional Development Grant applications and the best practices award.