Candice Montoya, Head Start educator and SEHD’s 2018 Outstanding Graduate of the Year, featured in CU Denver TODAY

Grad teaching preschoolers in poverty

Candice Montoya is SEHD’s 2018 Outstanding Graduate of the Year

Knowledge changed everything for Candice Montoya, who was named the School of Education & Human Development’s 2018 Outstanding Graduate of the Year.

Montoya started college to meet a job requirement, and she graduated this month with a degree in early childhood education.

The mother of two worked full time as a Head Start educator and had a part-time gig cleaning office buildings when she enrolled at the university.

“I wasn’t about school,” said Montoya, who had worked in child care for more than a decade and didn’t expect to learn much that was new. “My perceptions of a quality education were set in stone, and I didn’t want to be doing anything different.”

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