Curriculum Committee Minutes – December 3, 2018


Lisa Forbes – Committee Chair

Dennis DeBay

Lori Elliott

Cristina Gillanders

Scott McLeod

Nicole Sager

Diana Schaack



Shakira Anderson

Hilary Bruce


Brainstorm ideas for instructor appointments – how can we improve the process?

  • There needs to be a SEHD policy change.
  • Can we set a deadline several months before the semester?
  • Recruit a pool of applicants that are approved and ready to slide into open courses.
  • Bring HR in as a part of this conversation, along with the programs/leads.
  • Tie to program strategic plans to have a robust pool of possible qualified/diverse instructors.
  • Have all graduate students that may teach approved ahead of time.

Update on 5-year syllabi review from Program Leaders meeting:

  • Overall response from the programs is the reviews are positive and helpful.
  • Programs would like to see a master list of all the feedback provided.
  • If programs do not submit syllabi that are up for review, the committee can use syllabi submitted for the semester.
  • Program leaders like the idea of a whole program review.



All appointments approved