SEHD partnerships in rural Colorado featured in CU Denver TODAY

Amid Colorado’s short-grass prairies, hidden-jewel farming communities and small historic mountain towns, educators, non-profits and community members are feeling the pinch. School districts are facing remarkable challenges finding and retaining highly qualified teachers, especially in high-needs fields, such as special education, math and science.

Nonprofits and human-services agencies in rural Colorado are having issues finding individuals with the necessary degrees who are fully trained to serve their diversifying communities. Historically, these challenges have existed, in part, because of these communities’ distance from universities that prepare teachers and other service professionals.

For the past 23 years, the School of Education & Human Development (SEHD) has been actively addressing these statewide needs and breaking down traditional barriers through key partnerships, innovative technological solutions and grant-funded opportunities. As the higher-education landscape continues to change and evolve, CU Denver expects these grassroots, customizable partnership programs to expand, because they are an efficient method for partners and the university to move their missions forward.

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