Addressing ethnic self-hatred in Latinx undergraduates

An article by the SEHD’s own Carlos Hipolito-Delgado was recently featured in Counseling Today, check out the excerpt below and click the link at the bottom for the full article!

When Europeans first made contact with the indigenous peoples of the Americas, a path toward Eurocentrism was set in the Western Hemisphere. In the years since the conquest and colonization of North America and the establishment of the United States, the cultural values and social policies of this country have favored people of Western European heritage.

Although the sociopolitical and cultural superiority of Europeans validates the experience of white Americans, these edicts render Latinx communities marginalized or invisible. What is worse, people of Latinx descent might come to accept the superiority of the white population. When this occurs, a person is said to have internalized racism.

[Check out the full article at Counseling today]