Curriculum Committee Minutes – April 16, 2018


Jarrod Hanson

Dennis DeBay

Lisa Forbes

Cristina Gillanders

Scott McLeod

Lori Elliott



Shakira Anderson

*Hilary Bruce

*Unable to attend



Will review the suggestions for undergraduate, and MA cross listing to discuss at the May meeting.




Status                               Item(s)                                                                               Presenter


Approved                      HDFR 4002/5002 Syllabus Revision                                   Ruben Anguiano

  • Syllabus revisions approved.
  • HDFR 5002 Family Life & Community Programming I, course will be cross listed to offer to MA students.


Approved                      CLDE 4020/5020 Responsive Classroom Communities       Chris Carson

  • Syllabus revisions approved. Updated the syllabus to increase the CLDE focus of the course, syllabus also is differentiated for UG and MA students.
  • CLDE 5826 CRT through eCALLMS – received the committee’s feedback on a new course syllabus that will be presented to the committee in May.


Approved                      EDHD 1019 New Course                                                     Paula Gallegos

  • Introduction to Urban Education – course is designed for pre-collegiate and incoming freshman.


Approved                      HDFR 5020 New Course                                                      Antwan Jefferson

  • Syllabus revisions approved.
  • Update from 4/2 curriculum committee minutes: HDFR 5020 Black and Latino Children will not be cross listed with the UG course HDFR 3020. HDFR 3020 is part of the University Core and cannot be cross listed.