CU Denver Center for Faculty Development ACUE Course

The CU Denver Center for Faculty Development (CFD) is getting ready to roll out a fantastic Provost funded professional development opportunity for faculty. In 2018-2019 we will be offering the ACUE Course in Effective Teaching Practice, a 25 module, online course that prepares college educators to use the research-based techniques shown to help students succeed. We are recruiting up to 40 course takers to participate in the ACUE Course. I hope that several SEHD faculty we be part of our cohort! If you would like to learn more about the course please consider attending our Course Experience demonstration this Friday, March 2 @ 2:00 pm, Student Commons, Room 2000.

Benefits of encouraging faculty participation in ACUE for Program Head or Department Chairs:

  • Improve instructional quality in your area and enhance student success.
  • Reward your best faculty members.
  • Promote your up and coming teaching stars.
  • Give faculty members who are working toward RTP an opportunity to develop and document teaching excellence.
  • Provide a valuable training opportunity and a perk to CTT, Instructors, and Senior. Instructors whose primary responsibility is teaching.
  • Offer support to faculty members who may need to build their teaching skills.
  • Use participation in ACUE as evidence of alignment with school/college and university strategic priorities.
  • Use participation in ACUE for evidence in reaccreditation processes.

Benefits to Faculty:

  • Earn a nationally recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction (endorsed by American Council on Education).
  • Build and diversify your evidence of teaching excellence for RTP and merit review.
  • Enhance student engagement, motivation, and learning.
  • Meet and learn with your faculty colleagues from across campus.
  • Improve your FCQs.
  • Enhance your enjoyment of teaching.
  • Improve student performance in your classes.

Interested faculty can:

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