SEHD SAC Meeting
Thursday, November 16, 2017, 11:30a.m. – 12:50p.m.

Location: Panera Bread

In Attendance: Rachel Cornelius, Shelley Gomez, Lindsay Harn, Bridget Sabo


Items To Discuss:

  • Diversity Committee Update (Lindsay Austin to email updates to SAC):
    • Had meeting with Dr. Allen
    • The SEHD Diversity Committee would be happy to send out a reminder to the SEHD for upcoming events, and to encourage more faculty and staff participation.
    • Add SEHD Staff Advisory Council sponsored events to faculty calendars
    • Co-sponsor events? For later discussion.
    • Action: Ask for support for upcoming holiday events
  • Staff Advisory Council Elections:
    • Action: Lindsay Harn to write out email to SEHD staff for nominations / volunteers to join the Staff Advisory Council
  • Winter Party:
    • Date: Wednesday, December 13th
    • Room 745, 11:30-1:00
    • Action: Ask for volunteers for set-up? Rachel to ask JaNet for assistance.
    • Action: Decorations are in LSC. SAC members to bring lamps. Will also need tables from other rooms. Food will be set up in faculty office space adjacent to 745.
    • Action: SAC provides: ham, mashed potatoes, pie/cookies, drinks, cutlery, plates, and cups. Last year spent $53.00. This year may have more money to spend. Action: Rachel to purchase.
    • Raffle – 1 big prize, 2 smaller. Action: Lindsay is asking Finance Team
    • Action: Who’s Who game –Ask Becky for assistance
    • Action: Rachel makes the invitation and outlook calendar appointment, sign-up list
      • Ask the babies to come!
  • SEHD Staff & Faculty Summer BBQ:
    • Date: June 9, 2018. Location TBD. Action: Rachel & Lindsay researching locations. Options so far are Cornerstone Park and Centennial Center Park.
  • Give back to the community event:
    • Action: Shelley will check with JaNet about CU Denver Staff Council event
  • Employee of the Month Nominations:
    • Nominee chosen. Action: Rachel to send out email to nominee’s supervisor and staff for support of nomination.
    • Rachel met with Julia regarding notifications for employee of the month:
      • Door decorations
      • Maybe a lunch or breakfast with the Dean
      • Recognition at Faculty and Staff events
      • Dr. Allen’s email of recognition, Dean recognition
      • Posting on Impact
      • Make sure that the supervisors get the nominations from staff members
      • Recognize all nominated employee of the month at end of year. Action: Rachel to ask JaNet
  • PD Fund Requests:
    • No outstanding requests for review
    • Deadline for Spring PD requests: March 20, 2018. Action: Shelley will update Tony’s email and send it out. Requests before March 20th will be considered.
  • Follow up Action Items:
    • PD event with most votes: Yoga held on November 8, organized by Shelley (thank you!). Seven people in attendance.
    • Next PD event with most votes: Stress Management talk sponsored by the Counseling Center. Will be help in April. Action: Bridget to organize the event. Has already spoken with Counseling Center and details will be finalized in January 2018.
    • Faculty Meeting recap. Action: Lindsay Harn to send out email and will ask for nominations for employee of the month.
    • New Hires:
      • Can we put new hire information in elevators in LSC? Action: Rachel will ask Julia about hanging up stuff in the elevator
    • Work anniversaries:
      • 5, 10, 15 and 20+within past year
      • Perhaps a message from the Dean?
      • Make certificates. Post on doors, announce at retreat
      • Make an Impact post
        • For January?
      • Staff Photo Directory Photo Day
        • Action: Lindsay will coordinate photo day, one Wednesday in March, 2018
  • Future Planning for AY 17-18
    • December 7th –Ted Talk and cookies in Terrace Room. Action: Rachel to organize.
      • Community Service Event around MLK Day. Action: Shelley researching.
        • Faculty members had suggested a party outside or work. Action: Rachel will ask if faculty wants to plan the party
    • MARCH
      • Spring Semester Staff Meeting
      • SEHD Staff Photo Directory Photo Day. Action: Lindsay is organizing.
    • APRIL
      • PD event – Stress Management talk hosted by Counseling Center. Action: Bridget is organizing
    • MAY
      • 5/2/18 – Room PLA#3 available! Action: Rachel
    • JUNE
      • 4th Annual Summer BBQ, June 9th

Jessica Responsibilities – REMINDER

General web updates for any of the other SAC pages (PD fund, About Us, etc. as needed) Bridget

Review/Organize the SEHD Staff Council Email periodically – Rachel

Schedule our SAC monthly meetings – Rachel

Write the agenda – Rachel

Schedule rooms – Rachel

Keep us moving on initiatives – Rachel

Take notes at our meetings Bridget

Update the TYYMMD section of our website Bridget

Upload our meeting minutes to Impact – Bridget

Get the Dean’s approval for PD requests and send out approval notices to staff –?

Let SAC know of new hires – Shelley will contact Tricia

Update the staff directory with new hires and pictures – Lindsay


SEHD Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes