9:30-11:30 AM

LSC 745

 Program Leaders Members Present: Allen, Aswad, Ruben Anguiano, Susan Arnold, Scott Bauer, Franci Crepeau-Hobson, Joni Dunlap, Connie Fulmer, Dorothy Garrison-Wade, Cindy Gutierrez, Shannon Hagerman, Brad Hinson, Rebecca Kantor, Nancy Leech, Sally Nathenson-Mejia, Julie O’Brian, Barbara Seidl, Shruti Poulsen, Lori Ryan, Sheila Shannon, Sandy Snyder-Mondragon, Robert Talbot, Caron Westland

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Topic/Discussion Item

Person(s)  Presenting

9:30 – Welcome – Announcements/Updates


10:00-10:15 – Sharing Slate/Rolling decisions

SLATE/Rolling Admissions

• rolling decision with 2 weeks between full application and acceptance

• faculty will be given timelines/deadlines with batches of applications

• faculty will be getting a plan for the full academic year every summer (this year asap)

• will provide more structured data; every Monday morning send a report with # of apps, review timeline, admission offers accepted

• SLATE to create a seamless engagement (eliminate isolation/crickets) between application and starting classes; including program planning/Fall course enrollment prior to orientation

• ideally have review/decision on program area meeting agendas

• use scholarship funds to convert from admission to enrollment



1.      Data Reporting (update)

·         Suspending work with Aspireview

·         Working towards an agreement with IR (UCD Institutional Research) to provide data dashboards

·         Short term data reporting/access

–          SEHDShare Drive

–          Send requests to: SEHD Help

–          Re-booting/accessing additional functionality of LiveText

2.      Program Maps (final check for accuracy)

·         Program Maps – electronic only

3.      Accreditation and Performance Reporting (preview of upcoming work/timelines)

·         LiveText Standards Mapping

·         Evaluating Program-level Assessment Quality (e.g., Initial Licensure)

·         Scoring rubric (quality and consistent formatting)

·         Timelines

4.      K-12 Student Data Privacy(review plan/program leader support needed)

·         Need to either shift assignments and/or establish data sharing agreements w/districts

·         Also folks all need to have had a background check/finger prints

·         Is the student collecting and storing student personally identifiable information


All Members


Lindsay Austin












Julie O’Brian



5.      IDI (recommendations)

·         School wide be for us.de common assessment – to meet NCATE requirements.  At the time we were looking at a common performance task and rubric when we realized it was too much work and not value added enough to justify the time.

·         Shelly and Suzanne recommended using the IDI for this purpose..

·         IDI had a very specific use – intention.  Not convinced the tool is doing what it should be for us.

·         Could we look for another tool to help us do this?

·         Could the exit survey help us better?  Add questions or revise this tool to meet this purpose?

6.      HLC – Data Resources, Format, Deadline (deadlines, data reporting status, and support needed/available).

7.      Improving Exit Survey common items (recruit a committee)

·         Advising is universally low scoring

8.      Announcement: Tony Romero Family Leave possibly starting mid-October (anticipate help needed with changes to LiveText rubrics, Portfolios, and ad hoc data reporting requests)



SEHD Program Leaders Meeting Agenda 09/11/2017