You’re watching your course enrollment and anxiously awaiting the moment when your course hits the magic number that will allow you to qualify for a TA. Now what?

First, make sure you do qualify.

Course Type Enrollment Minimum
Face-to-Face 32
Hybrid 32
Online 25

If your course meets the minimum enrollment as specified above, congratulations you may fill out the online TA Request form (select “TA Hire” from the drop-down menu). Don’t know who you want to hire as a TA? Check with your program leader for suggestions. TA request forms are due each semester, even if the student has been a TA before.

Just remember, it takes time to complete the hiring paperwork and get a TA setup in Canvas, so as soon as your numbers qualify, do not delay in sending in your online request!

Contact if you have any questions about the TA hiring process.

Faculty Don’t Forget–If You Qualify for a TA, Submit a TA Request Form Today!
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