Deadline: ThinqStudio Faculty Scholarships & Fellowships

If you are interested in either the Scholarships or the Fellowships, please complete this form by Thursday March 30th. 


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What: ThinqStudio Scholarships & Fellowships

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If you have questions please contact Brad Hinson or Remi Kalir.

The ThinqStudio is a faculty professional development community funded by Chancellor Horrell for the next academic year.  It is a branch of an international teaching & learning community and the Hybrid Pedagogy Journal.  The grant is designed to spur interest, practice, and campus culture around concepts of Critical Digital Pedagogy and Social Justice.  It is championed by SEHD & CLAS and includes funding for scholarships and fellowships.

The SEHD has 2 scholarships and 2 fellowships available.

Scholarships fund travel, registration, room and board for one of the Digital Pedagogy Summer Institutes (below).

Fellowships include full funding for a summer institute (above) with continued resources and engagement over the following year.  Digital Fellows will receive a stipend of $2500, a course release, and access to additional resources (fiscal & human) in support of their own Digital Pedagogy project. Projects are somewhat open ended.  Projects may be technically inclined, but do not have to be. Projects should focus on some component of Critical Digital Pedagogy and/or Social Justice.  We are looking for the outliers. Pedagogies that may not thrive within institutional norms or usual systems are encouraged. Let’s prototype, develop and experiment with new methods of teaching and learning.

Additionally, fellows will work as a team in guiding campus conversations as a part of the ThinqStudio and in partnership with the Center for Faculty Development (CFD).  In addition to pursuing individual projects, fellows will be presenting, reflecting, and leading campus discussions in variety of venues and media.