March 7, 2017 – Staff Meeting Highlights


SEHD SAC Meeting
Tuesday, March 7 2017 at 9a.m. -10:30a.m.
Location: Lawrence Street Center, Room 1150

Items Discussed

  • 9:00a.m. -9:10 a.m. – Donuts and Coffee Break
  • 9:10a.m. -9:15a.m. – Introduction to Meeting by Dorothy Garrison-Wade
  • 9:15a.m. -9:40a.m. – What’s New with the SAC
    • Highlight Recent & Future Events
      • Winter Party
      • Candygram Fundraisers
        • Candygram fundraisers help fund the purchasing of coffee and treats for staff on holidays and birthdays
      • CU in the Community
      • Third Annual SEHD Summer BBQ on June 17 at Sloan Lake
        • Save the date, bring your family!
        • All faculty and staff are invited
        • Food, games and fun will be provided
      • SAC Elections—think about it!!
        • Elections will occur in the fall and there will be several openings, think about joining!
      • DiSC Training Opportunity
        • There are a few spots left for those interesting in our SAC sponsored professional development opportunity, brought to us by the Ombuds office.
        • April 6 from 12-2 p.m. (bring your own lunch!).
        • Email if you are interested in attending.
      • Staff Introductions
        • Shuyuan Tan (1/23/17), Evaluation Specialist
        • Dee Morgenthaler (1/3/17), Program Director
        • Rosanna Miiller-Salas (1/3/17), Instructional Designer
        • Kelly Ragland is transferring from Pyramid Plus to assist the Associate Deans
      • Open up to the dept for other news?
        • Matt Mitchell – Tech highlight on wiki functionality, let him know if you are interested in access to editing handbooks or setting up one of your own
        • University Employee of the Month Initiative
        • 9:45-10:30a.m. – Diversity Committee Spotlight
          • Anyone interested in being a volunteer member of the Diversity committee? Let us know (
          • Please take a moment to complete this survey and consider assisting the Diversity Committee during our next upcoming faculty and staff meeting on March 29 by volunteering to assist with facilitating discussions on social justice.