February 9, 2017 – SAC Meeting Minutes


SEHD SAC Meeting
Thursday, February 9 2017 at 4p.m.
Location: Lawrence Street Center, Room 620
In Attendance: Aswad Allen, Amy Boele, Jessica Coon, Rachel Cornelius, Dorothy Garrison-Wade, Shelley Gomez, Lindsay Harn, Tony Romero, Bridget Sabo

Items Discussed

  • Diversity Team
    • Diversity committee has always been given time at retreats and faculty meetings – Can we create time in our Staff meetings for them to present.
    • Diversity committee is a faculty committee by the bylaws, but that does not mean a staff member cannot serve on it.
    • Diversity Committee has the ability to ad-hoc in a staff member to participate in the conversations.
    • SAC making the invitations more clear that Faculty is really wanted.
    • SAC being more mindful about picking dates for all SEHD events and getting faculty input to build more attendance and inclusion.
    • Dorothy wants one of the SAC members to come and promote the events in/at the faculty meetings. (next meeting Feb 22nd)
    • Letting Faculty know what we do at SAC in person and face to face with our voice.
    • They ran by Dorothy the idea of having a staff member on the committee.
    • Get some dates from them that will work for attending March Staff Meeting, coordinate also with Tech Team (not week of spring break)
    • Diversity Team: Amy, Diane, Lori Geismar-Ryan, Jung-in, Luis, Alissa, Aswad
  • Community Service (debrief)
    • Suggestions for future, get buy-in from the deans and management and possibly even faculty!
  • February
    • February 14 – Lunch N Learn (Team Buildingàmoving to April 6 received Rebecca’s approval on cost/event—Estimating $500; ~20 showed interest
  • March –Staff Meeting (March 7th at 9am)
    • Diversity Team to present
    • Jessica to send meeting invite to Deans too
  • April – Lunch N’Learn
  • June 17th— 3rd Annual Staff BBQ
    • Sloan’s Lake