Office of Research Services (ORS) | 2016 CU Denver Nobel Prize Series

All presentations/discussions will be in the Jerry Wartgow Welcome Center, Room 1300, in the Student Commons Building — enter through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (Suite 1007) across from Qdoba — this is at the Speer end of the Student Commons Building.

 All presentations/discussions are at Noon on Fridays.

(Light refreshments will be provided; bring a brown bag lunch if you require more.)

The CU Denver Nobel Prize series began in the mid-1980’s as a way to bring students, staff, and faculty together to celebrate the intellectual accomplishments of those awarded the Nobel Prize each year in Chemistry, Economic Sciences, Literature, Medicine/Physiology, Peace, and Physics. The series ran almost every year until 2008. We are reinstituting it this year with the hope of welcoming a larger audience of CU Denver’s external community as well.

The intent of the series, then as now, is to frame each Noble Prize in an informal presentation/discussion format, where a presenter discusses each prize in its historical context, discusses details of the importance of the award in a way that is understandable to a general audience, and draws the audience into a discussion that contextualizes the prize in broader and sometimes more practical terms. If past is prologue, the audience will readily join in with its insights and questions, thus creating the kind of experience that informed, curious minds find stimulating and that often seems lacking in our lives.

(all presentations/discussions will be in the Welcome Center in Admissions in the Student Commons Building at Noon on Fridays)


Nobel Prize Presentation 2016 Winner Presenter


October 28

Jean-Pierre Sauvage


Sir J. Fraser Stoddart


Bernard L. Feringa

Bob Damrauer, CU Denver Chemistry Department


November 4

Yoshinori Ohsumi Christopher Phiel, CU Denver Integrative Biology Department
Economic Sciences


November 11

Oliver Hart


Bengt Holmström

Phil Luck, CU Denver Economics Department


November 18

Juan Manuel Santos Manuel Espinoza. CU Denver School of Education and Human Development


December 2

Bob Dylan Sam McGuire, CU Denver College of Arts and Media


December 9

David J. Thouless


Duncan M. Haldane


J. Michael Kosterlitz

Martin Huber, CU Denver Physics Department