Assessment and Data Update for Fall 2016

Please pardon the length of this message, but there has been a lot going on in the Accreditation and Program Effectiveness Office over the summer and I want to make sure you know where to find information you might need as you begin the fall semester. I will post this message on Impact and you might want to save it for future reference such as when you begin to prepare your HLC reports. HLC reports are due October 15.

We want to remind you of the SEHD assessment website ( If you have any questions about how to use LiveText, we have many resources posted on this site. Faculty resources are posted on a faculty page and student resources are posted on a student page. Although the LiveText user interface has changed in several subtle ways during the past few months, while we work on updating these resources this fall please continue to use this site for yourself and direct your students here. Not only will you find general information about how to register a LiveText account, navigate your dashboard, and complete the single sign on through Canvas, but we have lots of specialized videos. For example, we have videos directed at students completing:

– Teacher education program assessments
– Culminating portfolios in CLDE, L2CRT, and SPED
– ALPS assessments
– Working with videos in LiveText
– Using the Field Experience Module (ALPS and Counseling students).

We continue to update our public site ( with outcome data related focused on our initial licensure programs. CAEP requires us to maintain a publicly accessible site related to initial programs, so please direct outside inquiries to that site as the need arises.

We have posted updated SEHD and program-level data to the LiveText Exhibit Center. Please go to, log in, and go to the Exhibit Center tab in your LiveText tab bar. (Note: If you cannot find the Exhibit Center tab, please email We try to keep up with sharing the exhibit center with all new faculty, but may have missed someone.) Here is a list of the recently added data:

1) Spring 2016 exit survey data has been added to ALPS, CLDE, ECE, EDHD, ILT (including SLIL), L2CRT, RSEM, SPED, STEM, initial teacher licensure. If a program is not listed, they either had no survey or no data/completers for spring. Summer 2016 data will be added by August 19.

2) Spring 2016 alumni survey report has been included in folders for initial teacher licensure. In spring 2017 alumni and employer surveys will administered again for most programs.

3) Spring 2016 assessment reports have been added to the 2016 HLC Report folders for all PBAs. This includes:
– Counseling
– Teacher Education

4) Program completion reports have been updated for all programs with the fall 10-spring 2016 completion reports (most recent information available).

5) D2 to D1 matriculation report (i.e., percentages of degree-seeking students matriculating from non-degree D2 courses) updated with information through spring 2016.

6) FCQ Summary Data updated with summary course and instructor results through spring 2016.

7) Program enrollment reports: There are multiple forms of enrollment reports: (1) headcounts and student credit hours for all enrolled students; (2) number of applications, admittances, and new student enrollments for each semester; and (3) comparisons of eligible to enroll and enrolled students, a report available through our office; please contact Carolyn or Tony to obtain.

8) Licensure exam pass rate reports: are being updated and will be available when the rest of in late August when all summer 2016 scores are available from the testing companies.

If you have a need for other institutional and programmatic summary data, please see me to discuss and together we can explore what is possible.

– Carolyn Haug