Minutes: 10.12.15 Program Leaders Meeting

SEHD Program Leaders Meeting Minutes

10/12/15, 9:30-11:30 AM

LSC 1150

Program Leaders Members Present: Aswad Allen, Franci Crepeau-Hobson, Dorothy Garrison-Wade, Carolyn Haug, Carlos Hipolito-Delgado, Rebecca Kantor, Nancy Leech, Barbara Seidl, Nancy Shanklin, Elizabeth Steed, Sandy Snyder-Mondragon, Ron Tzur, Ruben Viramontez-Anguiano, Brent Wilson, Shelley Zion, JáNet Hurt (recorder). Margarita Bianco and Sheila Shannon attended via Zoom.

Guests: Shakira Anderson and Shelley Gomez.

Members Not Present: Jason Clark, Manuel Espinoza, Connie Fulmer, Cindy Gutierrez, Brad Hinson, and Lori Ryan.

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[th_column]Topic/Discussion Item[/th_column]
[th_column]Person(s) Presenting[/th_column]
[row_column]1. Announcements & Updates

  • Various announcements were made
  • LLCRT and ILT Core Courses were approved by the University Core Committee.
  • Rebecca gave updates from the recent CCODE and CADREI meetings she attended. [/row_column]
    [row_column]All members[/row_column]
    [row_column]2. C & I Plan – Sandy presented a draft of the Curriculum and Instruction MA Plan of Study. Discussion:
  • Sandy clarified that this plan does not include licensure or endorsement
  • The different areas of study/options are currently referred to as “concentrations” in this plan. Rebecca stated that it is necessary to decide what term will be used and the term needs to be consistent across programs. Some suggestions were made including specialization, emphasis or sticking with concentration. After discussion, it was agreed going forward, the term concentration will be used.
  • Briefly reviewed the course inventories. It was clarified that all course changes recently submitted will not be published until the Fall 2016 course catalog however, any courses being offered before then (Spring or Summer), will be active for registration.
  • There was a question on how students will know when the courses are offered as some courses aren’t offered every semester. Rebecca stated that she would like this group to work on a course map/schedule of courses that will be offered for the next 2-3 years that is at least 80% stable.
  • There was a request to be sure to include the Academic Advisors in all of the planning.
  • Nancy Leech raised a caution regarding possible redundancy among courses and commented that there is no way to really catch it by looking at course titles alone. Rebecca said that this will be noted as an alert and something that we will look for going forward.
  • Rebecca reminded the group of the discussion about adding something to the degree intention form such as a statement of intent, in which students state what courses they are planning to take and why; the purpose of this is to encourage students to be reflective and intentional.
  • Students will be asked to conceptualize courses as connected to their degree/growth.
  • There was a question on including endorsements on the form (if a student later decides they want it). Sandy clarified that this would be an advising issue that would need to be made very clear at the outset; also need to All members Sandy Snyder-Mondragon & Shelley Gomez make the handbook(s)/applicable polices very clear.
  • Shelley Gomez is starting to work on revising the program handbooks; as she works through these, they will be sent to faculty for feedback. The hope is to have them completed by spring.
  • There will need to be a conversation with the advising group on how to address individual students who came in under an old program and have taken a bulk of the requirements; Rebecca stated that we will need to be flexible and flex on the side of the students.
  • Future Agenda Item: discuss/clarify roles & responsibilities of Academic Advisors and faculty for the new MA.
  • Action Items/Next Steps: 1) Sandy and Shelley will clarify what the italics indicate (on the C & I Plan); 2) Shakira and Sandy will send the list of courses (with all submitted changes) as well as the download of the course catalog representation to the group; 3) Faculty are asked to please review both the C & I Plan and the course catalog changes and submit any changes/feedback to Sandy and Shelley Gomez (C & I Plan) and Shakira (course changes).[/row_column]
    [row_column]Sandy Snyder-Mondragon & Shelley Gomez[/row_column]
    [row_column]3. New MA in Teaching with Licensure
  • Barbara shared background on the UCTE program and issues that have led to the current enrollment situation, as well as the Teacher Ed Leadership Team’s (TELT) thinking on it that led to the current proposal (outlined in this document). There was discussion about the proposal.
  • Rebecca commented that the program has a perceived low completion rate due to many students signing on as graduate students with no intention of getting an MA – this will address that.
  • Rebecca clarified that this is low-hanging fruit; the BA and MA redesign and the doctoral programs are of higher priority; this is just an option to help stabilize/ strengthen the program.
  • There was a discussion on process to clarify next steps: Rebecca commented that the faculty involved in the degree area/program are the voice and while it’s good to get input from others (here at Program Leaders, faculty meetings, Leadership & Finance Team, etc.), taking a decision like this to the faculty as a whole hasn’t been done in the past (for BAMA, PsyD, MSEd, etc.) and therefore, it will not be done in this case. Dorothy clarified that SEHD bylaws do not require a whole faculty vote. The next steps for this are for it to be discussed by the Teacher Ed faculty.
  • Future Agenda Item: D1/D2 intersection conversation. [/row_column]
    [row_column]Barbara Seidl[/row_column]
    [row_column]4. MA Redesign
  • Course Updates – Shakira briefly mentioned the course updates and what was done/submitted to the Registrar.
  • Action Items/Next Steps: As stated above, please review the documents Shakira will send to check for accuracy, consistency, etc. and submit any changes/feedback to Shakira.

Meeting adjourned at 11:27 AM [/row_column]