Meet Matt Mitchell – SEHD Web Developer

Please meet Matt Mitchell –  SEHD’s new Web Developer.  Matt comes to us by way of the University of Central Florida where he served as an IT Manager / Web Developer for the Office of International Studies.  Matt brings an array of expertise to the SEHD as a full-stack web developer (meaning he works with databases, design, presentation, infrastructure – the whole enchilada).  He is adept at server administration as well as web programming and is actually a Certified Ethical Hacker (mutant super powers).  Matt will be leading the charge on all of our web-development and server-infrastructure work, first and foremost with a reboot of the main SEHD website.  And much more to come…   we are thrilled to have him on board.   Please welcome him when you get the chance.
Matt resides in office 716 for now, but that is subject to change after Learning Commons construction is complete.   He can be reached at and/or if you have web requests please send them to the web-team at