New: IMPACT, Master Calendar, HelpDesk, Canvas Gallery, and etc.

As mentioned in the recent SEHD Faculty & Staff Meeting there are some new-developments for our community, communications, and operations.

The IMPACT has been upgraded

  • Front-page photo-gallery that will be periodically updated.  Send us your photos… events, tweets, selfies, whatevs.
  • A new newsletter – now in tehnicolor.
  • Information Categories:
    • News
    • Events
    • Meetings (formerly called Agendas/Minutes)
    • Help (formerly called KnowledgeBase)
  • Committee Chairs and Cat Herders – you can submit your Agendas/Minutes to the Meetings category just by emailing them to the IMPACT.  Ask me how.

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The SEHD Master Calendar has launched.

We are pilot-testing a centralized calendar of all SEHD Meetings as well as deadlines/milestones from master.calendarAcademic Services and the CU Academic Calendar. We aim for a one-stop-shop. If you find items missing, please just wait another week. We are updating it now.
It is available in Outlook, online, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar. Check it out.



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sehdhelp has launched

icon.email01The old IT helpdesk is retiring. The new has arrived. Send any technical requests or facilities/room requests to and it will be routed to the right team. We’ll track it and take care of business. In the future, we hope to have more request options to include human resources and fiscal services. Again, we aim for a one-stop-shop.


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The Canvas Gallery has launched

Here you can find course landing pages, page widgets (tabs, boxes, grids), sample courses, and so on. Once you find something you like, you can add it right to your course via the Commons.  Another work-in-progress that grows every week. Check it out.