Dear Colleagues,

Today the US News and World Report rankings of graduate schools was made public.  Only 2 Colorado graduate schools of Education were ranked in the “top schools” category— CU Boulder and CU Denver!  115 schools/colleges considered in the top rankings.  We were 96 out of 115 in this top category, Boulder was 26.

I realize the US News rankings are a contested award…Nonetheless, to the extent that they are useful, it is great to be able to say that we are with Boulder in the top category, and the only schools of education in the state of Colorado.  We also moved up from 2 spots from 98 last year to 96.  Our online programs are also highly ranked—

My heartfelt congratulations to my talented and hardworking colleagues — we are responding to the times with strength and creativity and we are being recognized for our efforts.

My very best,



US News and World Report Rankings