Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 2, 2015

The following committee members were present: Edward Cannon, Jung-In Kim, Aswad Allen
Faculty Responses:
Note Cards:

1. Integration of programs between undergraduate and graduate, between ELE, ELSE, and SPED. Co-teaching, shared advising, shared mentoring, shared field supervision.
2. I will spend some time in the new space for undergraduates.
3. I can strive to be more present and available to all students, not only those in my classes or my advisees.
4. Lawrence lobby needs to be more welcoming and announce more clearly one has arrived to CU Denver. Including food sales past 3:30, plants, couch/chairs, open divider between tables and couches.
5. Have regular posted office hours
6. “Getting to know you” activities X2
7. Flexible spaces that students can reconfigure to individual needs
8. Presence is important but parking is a barrier
9. Request artwork from community and school partners and have it integrated throughout the building
10. Keep bringing snacks to class, stay after class to work with students
11. Put large examples of diverse languages painted on the walls with welcoming statements
12. Five-minute personal “share out” time at the beginning of class sharing achievements, celebrations, etc.
13. Mandated office hours, meetings for projects, etc.
14. Revise the website to be student centric. It is now an online brochure with little benefit to current students or faculty/staff
15. Post office hours, present more logistics at new student orientation
16. Seems like the students want more of a visible presence from faculty/staff there are a lot of closed doors especially between 8 to 9 or 9:30am
17. All communicate that it’s engaging and fun and energizing to do life long learning. All generations are welcome.
18. Flexible office hours that meet student needs. Responsive to students. Likely not a set time, could inhibit access.
19. Develop and advertise a dynamic and accessible FAQ for students
20. Regular office hours, SEHD sponsored student organizations
21. We plan for students to have food at class sessions to save them from having to go outside
22. Have a clearly organized routine, place, and time for people to be together with food
23. Started two student groups: students of color and students for social justice
24. Offer periodic “coffee talks” for students to come and meet with each other and faculty to discuss various issues
25. Don’t automatically greet people with “hi, how are you?” unless I really mean it and have time to really engage
26. Include office hours and program affiliation on the interactive directory

Table Talk Notes:

Table One: Welcoming Students
– Friday afternoon/night program orientation weekend before classes start.
– BBQ the evening after orientation
– “Hallway reception” by faculty offices the 45 minutes before SEHD open house and SEHD new student orientation. Meet and greet students, bond with each other, and faculty escort students to second floor.
Table Two: Different relationship faculty for students

– Smiles mentioned often
– Julia may be able to provide incentive/rewards to study for students
– Need to remove logistical hassles like sharing information. New technology may help
– Family accessibility
– Opportunity for more advising and office hours by faculty across programs
Table Three:

– Multiple languages in signage
– More posters/art reflecting multiple cultures from PD schools
– Create a rule that 1% of renovation money must be spent on art
– Rotating video about kids and culture/families
– Stairways updated with nice colors/better lighting
– Roadmaps to track walking progress
o Motion lights do not make us feel safe
– Make all students feel welcome and impress upon all students that this is a multicultural and multi-lingual environment
– Better classroom design
Table Four:

– Physical space issues addressed at learning commons
– Faculty access
– Better utilize open spaces we have on the 6th and 11th floors
– Directory for direction to specific faculty and staff
– Welcoming climate = happier students = happier faculty and staff
o Different for everyone: how to honor diversity
Table Five:

– Physical environment/space signage
– Verbal and non-verbal
– Advising best idea for program

The group discussed possible themes emerging from this data, as well as how to frame the charge to guide program level discussions.

At the program level, faculty will be asked to review the data from the January 28 faculty meeting and discuss themes that they find. Each program lead will be asked to allot 15-20 minutes for this discussion at their next program meeting. Aswad/Nancy will ask each program lead to send a brief synopsis of the discussion to Aswad Allen or Nancy Commins prior to February 18. Each program lead will report out their synopsis at the February 25 faculty meeting.

Diversity Committee Minutes February 2, 2015