Minutes: C-PEER Coordinating Meeting 08.08.14

C-PEER Coordinating Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2014

Present: Melissa M. Burrows, Dorothy Garrison-Wade, Cindy Gutierrez, Honorine Nocon,  Julie Oxenford-O’Brien, Kent Seidel, Barbara Seidl, Shelley Zion


o   Dorothy suggested C-PEER get on the all-faculty agenda and perhaps do a presentation about how the faculty could benefit.

o   Barbara suggested C-PEER invite individuals to share their research and dialogue with them in order to establish in a discursive space.

o   Barbara suggested that C-PEER make a presence at a possible upcoming teacher conference.


  • Rather than a C-PEER Coordinating Team, C-PEER will participate in a new structure to coordinate partnerships and outreach activities to be developed by the Office of Partnerships.
  • Human Development, i.e., Counseling, will be included in this structure and Ritu Chopra, Para2 Center, also needs to be at the table.


  • Kent will send attendees the list of categories for members of the C-PEER Advisory Board.  Please send recommendations to Kent.
  • Due to the urgency of the C-PEER soft start this or next week, and the need to coordinate messaging, Cindy (Director of Partnerships) will organize a meeting of Kent, Shelley, Julie and Ritu Chopra.