TechBits 06.03.14


  1. Make.NoExcuses:  The Sloan Consortium Blended Learning Conference will be in Denver, July 8-9.  Expand your horizons, around the corner.  #BLEND14
  2. Teach.Globally:  NPR Ed outlines the spurring  international market for US online ed  in The Future of Online Ed isn’t Heading Where you Expect.
  3. Zoom.Boom: UC Boulder and CU Online are jumping on the Zoom web conferencing bandwagon.  That’s so 5 minutes ago in the SEHD, but we’re glad they’re joining the party.
  4. Must.Watch:  From this NPR Ed article, this video presents a real world example of middle-school blended learning.  This is learning that is experiential, interdisciplinary, mobile, hands-on, and technology empowered where/when appropriate.  AND, it’s a great example of digital storytelling and the scientific process – by a middle school student.   Pure goodness and inspiration.