Technology Cheat-Sheet 18-19

Published with new faculty and lecturers in mind.  More detail is found in the Faculty/Lecturer handbooks. ============================= Digital Teaching & Learning Partnership and consultation on digital curriculum, course and program design.  We provision resources, manpower, and 20+ years of collective

thinqstudio summer gallery

Thinqstudio traveled to a variety of digital teaching & learning conferences this summer. Our fellows and explorers will be leading workshops this fall to explore the highlights and grand take-aways. Here are a few thinqstudio summer highlights from COLTT, the

Net Equity

Net Equity

The FCC repealed Net Neutrality today, de-regulating the Internet as an open public resource. FCC Repeals Net Neutrality (NY Times) How A Deregulated Internet Could Hurt America’s Classrooms (NPR Podcast) Net Neutrality and You: What new Internet regulations could mean