As you are aware, we are in the midst of not only a global pandemic, but a re-awakening on issues of social justice, exacerbated by the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on racial and ethnic populations and recent incidents of police brutality. Are you doing research or creative work on topics of social justice? If so, we would appreciate if you can complete our survey to collect information on the type of work happening on our campus. We plan to share the information with Chancellor Marks and her team as a follow-up to her listening tour, where the first ten days were focused on topics of social justice on our campus and in our communities.

Here are the details:

What: A survey to collect responses from faculty on their ongoing research and creative activates related to issues of social justice. These topics may include but are not limited to: social justice issues impacting marginalized or underrepresented groups, inequity, policy and reform, poverty, racial and ethnic disparities, gender and sexual orientation, ability and disability access and representation, and many more. Research and creative activities can be thought of as externally funded or unfunded research, proposals, scholarly articles, books and book chapters, creative works (i.e., poetry, video, music), blogs, dissemination of research, interviews, etc.

Who: All CU Denver Downtown Campus Faculty and Students working on research and creative activities related to issues of social justice and equity

Where: A link to the survey can be found here:

Note: The survey will require you to log in using your university credentials, to limit access to our campus community

When: No later than Thursday, August 16th

Why: To inform campus leadership of ongoing work on these topics, to highlight individuals leading the way, and to participate in the conversations and actions that may follow

Other information:

  • This information is not meant to be comprehensive (i.e., doesn’t quantify all research/creative activities on these topics), but rather to show the breadth of this type of work on our campus
  • The data gathered here will be compiled by Elizabeth Lee and will be shared with Chancellor Marks and her team
  • If you are interested in receiving a copy of the information shared, please reach out to Elizabeth
  • Faculty/staff/students completing the survey are encouraged to submit one entry for each activity they lead or supervise (i.e., submit multiple form entries)
  • If faculty have long lists of activities, they are encouraged to select the newest or most notable items
  • Please note, we are looking to collect both research (funded and unfunded) and creative activities, as we recognize that not all of this work has ample opportunity for funding

Please reach out to Elizabeth Lee if you have any questions about this request (

Invitation to Promote Your Research and Creative Activities on Social Justice and Equity