Curriculum Committee – October 15, 2018


Lisa Forbes – Committee Chair

Dennis DeBay

Lori Elliott

Cristina Gillanders

Scott McLeod

Nicole Sager

Diana Schaack



Shakira Anderson

        Hilary Bruce



How can the committee do a five syllabi year review when programs are not responding?  How do we keep them accountable/is that our job?

  • The committee will reach out to programs to get an idea of their plans for submissions. If the committee does not hear back from a program, the option may be given to pull syllabi submitted at the start of the semester.


Counseling will submit 17 syllabi fall 2019. Can we plan out the current year to work ahead and accommodate such a big amount in fall 2019?

  • The committee will ask Counseling to submit five syllabi in August, before the fall semester begins. The remaining syllabi will be submitted throughout the year.




Status                               Item(s)                                                                 Presenter


Syllabi Review                                                                REM Program

  • RSEM 5100 – next review 2023
  • RSEM 6100 – next review 2023


  • SCED 5340 – next review 2023               STEM Program
  • MTED 5623 – next review 2023
  • MTED 4301_5301 – next review 2023


Approved                      CLDE 5000 CLDE Portfolio Bridge                               Liz Mahon

  • In fall 2018, the CLDE program rolled out an embedded endorsement for all UG teacher licensure candidates.
  • CLDE 5000 is open to students who are close to, or have recently completed the elementary teacher license program. Class is intended to create a bridge to the CLDE endorsement for students who were in the license program during the transition.


BAMA Proposal                                                      Barbara Seidl

  • The BAMA is a pipeline to bring students into the MA program. Students in the EDHD teacher licensure tracks can apply for the BAMA prior to their professional year of the program.
  • Students admitted into the BAMA will take 9 credits at the graduate level during their final year. Credits will count towards the BA and MA.
  • Committee had concerns the process is not selective enough. Also, the MA typically requires students to have teaching experience.