Curriculum Committee Minutes – October 1

Date:     October 1, 2018



Lisa Forbes – Committee Chair

Dennis DeBay

Lori Elliott

Cristina Gillanders

Scott McLeod

Nicole Sager

Diana Schaack



Shakira Anderson

Hilary Bruce




  • What is the committee’s role for studying your own teaching?
    • This is the role of IR, not the committee’s responsibility. The deans will remind program leaders of the policy for studying their own teaching. The committee will flag any syllabi if a passive statement regarding consent is listed.
  • What is scope of the committee’s powers for instructor appointments?
    • The CC reviews qualifications and FCQs if available, if program support is needed, or the committee has concerns, the committee will communicate with the AD of Faculty Affairs.
  • Approval process that will help getting instructors approved before the semester begins?
    • The committee will come up with a policy for last minute instructor hires.
  • What support and resources are available for lectures and graduate PT instructors?
    • The AD for Faculty Affairs will work with the program leader for additional support.
  • If we approve an instructor with support, what does that mean in terms of later monitoring by the committee?
    • The committee is not responsible for monitoring instructor support. The CC chair will work with the AD for Faculty Affairs if the committee recommends support.


5 Year Syllabus Review:

This is a peer review to ensure programs are adhering to the SEHD’s collective commitment to social justice, equity and diversity.

  • The program will receive feedback on the checklist. Comments will be categorized by required, concerns and suggestions. The program will have one month to address syllabi requirements and concerns.
  • When the program resubmits a revised syllabus, they will notate on checklist the items that were addressed.
  • All syllabi and a tracking spreadsheet will be housed on the Q.





Status                                   Item(s)                                                                                 Presenter


Approved                        SPSY 5-year Syllabi Review                                             School Psychology

  • SPSY 6410 – next review year 2023
  • SPSY 6915 – next review year 2023


Approved                        HDFR 4850 Religion, Spirituality, Family                    Jennifer Greiving

  • An elective for HDFR majors and minors. Course focuses on family dynamics, family therapy theories and family systems theories in relationship to religion and spirituality.


Approved                        HDFR 6075/7075 Family Policy & Law                          Jarrod Hanson

  • This course helps students understand the family policy-making process. With this understanding, students can advocate for policies and laws the will positively impact families and children.