September 2018 UCDALI  Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

 Fall 2018 – September 11 Meeting, SC 3121


Attendees: Joanne Addison (ENG), Eric Baker (Libr), Joan Bihun (PSYC), Maryam Darbeheshti (ENG & Applied SCI), Michael Harper (Bus), Rebecca Hunt (Hist), Pamela Laird (Hist), Lee Potter (Provost’s Office), Vivian Shyu (PSYC), Thorsten Spehn (PoliSci)


Welcomed at the meeting were additional “Bridge Network” attendees: Dennis Debay (SEHD), Jeff Golub (Philosophy/ICB—new ICB Liaison Executive Board Member), Elizabeth Pugliano (CAM), Christina Wilson (Business)



  • Monthly meeting dates and time: Fall 2018 Meetings will be held on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month, 2:30-4pm, Student Commons 3121
  • CLAS Council meeting – Thurs, 9/13, 9:00 – 10:30, Dean’s conference room, NC 5018. Please contact Vivian S. if you’d like to attend. Topics to be discussed include Instructor-Sr. Instructor Promotion, comparison of Instructor and CTT lines, and ICB faculty retainment (suggested by Jeff G). Although this is a CLAS meetings, topics apply across
  • LPoC (Lecturers Point of Contact) Lunch – Wed, 9/26, 11:30 – 1:30, Chancellor’s Conference room, 14th floor, Lawrence Street Center—Vivian S. discussed that the purpose of this lunch is to meet with program assistants from each department and college to explain the need for dissemination of UCDALI materials and lecturer/instructor opportunities directly to their department’s instructional faculty. If your program assistant doesn’t already know about this lunch, please let them know and to contact Lee P with their RSVP (


Ongoing Business Items

MVP: Mission, Vision, Plan of UCDALI

  • Recap from Retreat: Vivian S. recapped the progress of the August Executive Board retreat in terms of Who we are: Our mission to represent, advance and provide community for the instructional (NTTF) faculty of CU Denver.
  • Subcommittee meeting will be made up of Vivian S., Rebecca H. and Jeff G. to draft an official “mission” statement for UCDALI.
  • Vivian S. noted that a Elections were due this 2018-2019 academic year for 20192020 UCDALI Executive Board Members. Joan B. Will be sending an email to “Call for nominations” to Lee P. to send to ALL instructional (NTTF) faculty to self-nominate for any Board position. Please get involved! There is great value in knowing what UCDALI is doing to advance the reputation and representation of our instructional (NTTF) faculty.



Article 5 and Campus APS – Joanne A. reported that the CU Regents will be getting te Article 5 and Campus APS revisions this Friday. Joanne recapped changes in Article that may include terms of qualifications for Teaching Excellence for TTF which may include “external impact” teaching has outside of CU Denver. APS 1009 addresses Multiple measures of teaching evaluation and Joanne advises we pay close attention to what happens regarding requiring the inclusion of evidence for “external impact” of teaching as it may filter down to NTTF as well. Policy 5F.i.e has also changed to state that 1 year formal notice must be given regarding termination to all instructional, research and clinical faculty as long as they have 7 years continues 50%+ time service (this includes non-tenured faculty).





  • Newsletter: Eric B reported that the next edition has a Sept 19th target date— please watch for this in your email


The UCDALI FALL EVENT will be held on Wednesday, October 17, 11-2; Discovery Wall, library.  Vivian S. reported what the theme will be “The YOU in UCDALI.” Included in the event will be a discussion of whether instructional faculty would like OPEN Executive Board Meetings, and a discussion of instituting official departmental/college liaisons who will both transmit executive Board on-goings to their faculty and give official “Reporting Outs” of the concerns of their department’s/college’s instructional (NTTF) faculty at board meetings.  Elizabeth P. brought up the importance of letting non-CLAS college NTTF knowing they too are represented by UCDALI and their faculty concerns need consistent representation. All in attendance agreed that ALL departments/colleges need to be represented at UCDALI and that official “liaisons” need to be in place to ensure each college’s needs/practices are discussed at our monthly Executive Board meetings.

  • Vivian S and multiple others noted that all instructional faculty are welcome at any Executive Board meeting to hear and contribute to what is being discussed.
  • Bridge Network 2.0: We will putting out a call for UCDALI Bridge Network Liaisons to both report back to instructional faculty in their departments/colleges but ALSO, bring the needs/concerns/information about instructional faculty practice in their departments/colleges to UCDALI. Mike H. noted that the value in getting involved as a UCDALI Bridge Network Liaison is that UCDAI represents All NTTP and helps instructional faculty ACROSS departments. Vivian S. noted that UCDALI representation is actively recruited by campus and system committees to presents the views of instructional faculty to inform system AND campus  policies. We have influence on Administrative Policy Statements (APS). Regents bylaws, etc. An active voice in UCDALI represents NTTF and helps reinforce the collaboration of NTTF in terms of meeting the needs of the university as a whole. What happens ub UCDALI affects YOU and the university.



Lecturer’s Ad Hoc Committee –Vivian S. reported that she and Jessica W (lecturer, SEHD) were writing a formal report to share based on their meeting with thee Chancellor concerning lecturer’s needs /concerns.  Grants

  • Dates: call & deadline: the NON-CLAS dissemination grant deadline for $500 PD grants is Mon, Oct 22nd. The call for applications will go over before the UCDALI Fall Event (10/17) and be noted in the UCDALI newsletter in September.