Technology Cheat-Sheet 18-19

Published with new faculty and lecturers in mind.  More detail is found in the Faculty/Lecturer handbooks.


Digital Teaching & Learning

Partnership and consultation on digital curriculum, course and program design.  We provision resources, manpower, and 20+ years of collective experience designing, supporting, and developing digital education.  We are your liaison with the CU Office of Digital Education (ODE), CU Online, ThinqStudio, and the CU Student Agency.


The Technology Team is your liaison with the University Office of Information Technology (OIT), the CU Office of Digital Education (ODE), CU Online, CU Denver Facilities, and any external vendors or partners connecting with SEHD systems.

  • Help: Send all requests to SEHDHELP@UCDENVER.EDU or call 303-315-6350.
  • Data Management/Security: Guidance with information security protocols, best-practices, and university approvals; FERPA/HIPPA compliance.
  • Employee Computing: Full time employees are provided a baseline computer and software setup at the point of hire with an SEHD investment at the going-market-rate. Computers are replaced/upgraded on a 4 year schedule.
  • Employee Printing: Network copiers/printers are provided in common areas throughout the SEHD. A program-code is required to make copies – charges are billed to your program.
  • Smartrooms: Classrooms and conference rooms have standard presentation components, including a data projector, computer, and laptop input (minimum).  Rooms are upgraded on a 5 year schedule.
  • Student Computing & Printing: Hardware, software and printing are available to all students in the 7th Floor Learning Commons.
  • Technology Purchasing & Selection:   All technology selection must be made in partnership with the SEHD Technology Team; else it may fail and we will not support, repair, or replace it.  All technology derived via employment at the university, is property of the university and tracked in our inventory.
  • Web Development: Oversight and development for all SEHD web properties and platforms, including SEHD Home, SEHD IMPACT, and supplemental sites and platforms.

 Tools & Resources

  • Camtasia: Desktop lecture capture, screen casting, and video editing; available to all CU Faculty by request.
  • Canvas: CU’s online and blended learning platform; courses and user-accounts are automatically created based on class schedules and enrollments (CU-SIS).
  • Equipment Checkout: Laptops (Win, Mac, Chromebook), data projectors, tablets, web cams, and audio/video equipment are available for employee check-out.
  • Google Suite: Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
  • GoReact: Online video coaching allows commenting and discussion embedded within video; ideal for video based discussions or video based feedback. Available in or out of Canvas.
  • Web and PDF annotation for class and team discussions.
  • MS Office 365: Email/Calendar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Available for all staff, faculty and students at no charge on up to 5 devices.
  • Network Storage (on-campus): Secure file storage with backups is available on-campus or with VPN; only available to CU employees – via the P:\ or Q:\ or T:\ drives.
  • Network Storage (ShareFile): Cloud-based, secure file storage with backups; available off-campus and accessible to non-CU invitees. .
  • Remote Access (VPN): A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network connection allows you to securely access resources such as email, network storage, etc., from off-campus.
  • Slack: Online team collaboration; email alternative.
  • Wistia: Public or private video streaming for classes or projects.
  • WordPress: Open source web blogging, web sites, and project sites.
  • Zoom: Desktop video conferencing for all CU employees and students. All users have Zoom Pro accounts that allow unlimited video conferencing and screen sharing.