Improvements to the Admissions Process for SEHD Graduate Programs

The SEHD Admissions team would like to share the exciting changes which have been implemented into the admissions process!

Beginning Spring 2018, the SEHD will be implementing rolling admissions for the majority of the graduate programs. The goal of rolling admissions is to increase communication and engagement with applicants to the graduate programs, as well as be able to provide early admission decisions. The rolling admissions program began in Fall 2017 with pilot programs Information and Learning Technologies and Literacy, Language, and Culturally Responsive Teaching. Thank you to the faculty from these programs for agreeing to trial the new admissions process and for your feedback. Due to interview requirements and other considerations, programs which will still be reviewed under the traditional deadline format include Doctoral, Counseling Master’s, Professional Year, Graduate Teacher Education and some Continuing Professional Education programs.

The other exciting change is arrival of the new application system, Slate. Slate was implemented in Fall 2017. The new system allows for increased automatic communication with applicants, improved access through the web-based system, a sophisticated application checklist that notifies applicants of missing or received items, and a range of reporting options. Eventually, faculty members will be able to review applications in the Slate program.

The SEHD Admissions team looks forward to working with staff and faculty to further incorporate these changes and to the benefits the new processes will provide for SEHD applicants.