Fall 2017 FCQ Results


Your fall 2017 FCQ instructor reports are now available to you, your department FCQ coordinators, and administrators (e.g., department chairs).

What is the initial FCQ report?

These vendor-generated reports will be released each term and consist of a ratings summary and student comments. The FCQ Program will debut a beta version of a more robust and interactive FCQ reporting tool in the coming weeks. We expect this tool to evolve over time with feedback from students, faculty, chairs, directors and other stakeholders.

Access your initial FCQ report:

Your FCQ report is now available through our online vendor, Campus Labs, at https://colorado.campuslabs.com/faculty/. You will need to login using your user ID and password.

If you need to access FCQ results prior to fall 2017, you may use the following link: https://www.colorado.edu/fcq/fcq-results.