UCDALI Meeting Agenda – January 23, 2018

3:00 – 3:15      Update/Follow-up on Planning Meeting

NOTE: “ETF” = Educator Track Faculty (new name being tried out in place of Non-Tenured Track, NTTF!)

  • Meetings – 4th Tuesdays, NC3121, 3:00 – 4:30 (1/23, 2/27, 3/27, 4/24)
  • Tenure Track Liaison Officer position: Joanne Addison, Professor, English
  • UCDALI Mission, Vision and Plan (MVP)
  • Non-CLAS ETF PD awards: 6 $500 awarded
  • Call for the CLAS ETF Professional Development Awards will got out in the beginning of February

3:15 – 3:35      UCDALI Communications, Visibility, Branding

  • Newsletter
  • Spring Event

UCDALI Branding/Visibility/Presence– Jung Park from the Business School joined us to discuss UCDALI’s efforts at reaching more ETF and raising our visibility on campus.

A big picture of the who, why, what and how UCDALI should establish was presented. These questions relate to our Values, Mission, Vision, and Plan to build sustainable programs for the future. We also need to recruit people on campus with skill sets to help with marketing, branding, networking opportunities, social media expertise. Interested? Let us know!

Contact a UCDALI representative for more details! (ucdali@ucdenver.edu)

Ask all ETF:  What can UCDALI do for you? Please gather some ideas on this!

3:35 – 3:50   Lecturer’s Orientation: CFD (Center for Faculty Development) will be conducting an orientation EXCLUSIVELY for our adjunct lecturers in the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester. Lecturers are the backbone of this university! This orientation will discuss resources (teaching, financial, networking) that are available to them at CU Denver

3:50 – 4:50      Article 5 and associated Policies Revision

The biggest discussion was on reorganizing the naming of Non-Tenured Track Appointments

Currently, NTTF (or now, ETF) include lecturers, instructors, senior instructors, and Clinical Teaching Track (assistant, associate, full professor ranks). However, these appointments have different roles and expectations.

The discussion was to have an overall   Teaching Faculty Appointment

Instructional Faculty

  • Lecturers
  • (< .5 appointment)
  • Teaching only
  • Instructor
  • Sr. Instructor
  • (> .5 appointment)
  • Teaching + service

Educator Track

  • (teaching, service, research, but non- tenured)
  •   Assistant
  •   Associate
  •   Professor