September 27, 2017 Faculty Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, September 27th, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


WELCOME & Disability Services Presentation

  • 10/4/17 – reception for Scott Bauer 5-7PM Open House with 30 minute Program
  • Hawkins Exhibit in Student Services – Hawkins Center of learning is at Boulder Journey School – this exhibit has gone all around the world and now it is ending here. It will be here the whole semester.
  • Asia Society – global cities version of Great Cities meeting. They convene in different cities around the world as an ongoing conversational group. They always have a school partner in the host city (DPS) we are their higher education partner. 11/6-11/10. Faculty is welcome to come.
    • Reception will be Wednesday evening from 6pm-8pm in the Terrace Room
  • Dean’s Conference room is remodeled
  • Ruben has paved the way for study abroad – Seville Spain
    • This was a more difficult process than expected but now we know how to do it.
    • Model has been developed for SEHD
    • The Spain trip is focused on social justice – 2 courses
      • Working on getting the students
    • We can build model through domestic courses to build international programs
  • Disability Services presentation – Lisa McGill
    • Their office is #2116 of Students Commons
    • Kelly will send out PowerPoint when it is available
    • Flyer will be sent out when Lisa provides it.

Hopes and dreams of staff council

  • Staff Council announced Ben Riepe as March Employee of the Month award winner
  • Staff Council presented a TED talk Margaret Heffernan “Forget The Pecking Order”

Discussion about social capital-

  • Sharing of ideas- example syllabus sharing between faculty
  • Undergraduate council is modeling social capital – connections between staff, students and faculty. We have been able to build it in 4 years.

Other ideas for Faculty – staff social capital – challenges- location (3 floors), faculty and staff schedules are very different, there is a regular group of faculty who come to events, others rarely attend. This is understandable because of busy schedules. What creative ways can we think of to create opportunity to build social capital?

  • Paper just published shows 11-18% ACHIEVEMENT improvement in K-12 when teachers have high social capital – Kent
  • Clear and elevating goals – setting direction for the school should include faculty and staff to address these with our different perspectives.
  • Having staff experience the same information at meetings, like the disability services presentation today.
    • Space issues hinder this.
  • One social change a faculty person noticed – all faculty used to come to the winter. celebration, now less than 50% come. Should we set a goal that all faculty attend this year’s event? Joint planning would be a help.
  • Staff representation on faculty committees – maybe faculty representation on staff council?
  • A staff/faculty lounge?
    • Theo’s old office might be available for this.
    • A need for space was definitely recognized.
    • Kitchens don’t really meet this need.
  • “I, we, it” – let’s talk about “I” and “we” more when we get together.
  • Mingle more in terms of seating at meetings.
  • At faculty/staff meetings everyone doesn’t know each other – what are some small ways we can change that at those meetings?
  • This is not any one person or group’s responsibility.
  • Overcome structural issues. Space/schedules/etc.
  • Assistant Professor Presentations were very cool for social capital.
  • Staff Council Events- save the date
    • Halloween CHOMP potluck 10/31/17
    • Winter Holiday Party 12/13/17

Strategic priorities and road mapping Doctoral program retreat

Chancelor Horell’s strategic plan

Listening tour ->

Salient needs/topics that were clear ->

Work groups created ->

Action goals/groups were formed ->

Five Strategic priorities came from those groups ->

Next step- road map (strategic plan = outward facing, big goals, loosely defined/Roadmap=what/who/when/how/cost, measureable)

***See slide show:

In January we are going to focus on Road Map. Our groups are working on this already (Academic Services, IT, etc).

Let’s align our Road Map with the CU Denver Strategic Priorities.

Our timing for a new plan is good because of the new budget model.


  • Getting more involved in community:
    • 11/14 Circle Conference – getting educators/parents/students together around issues of social justice
  • Enrollment is up 5% for 3 years in a row – this is because of our collective work
    • We need to think about our capacity to provide quality education
      • D2 and D3 provide a lot of opportunity
    • Vital Community Asset- look at program areas and how we are sending our students out into the community – that is a marketing opportunity. More pictures and documentation of where we are going. We need to make our engagement more viable.
    • Can we get more involved in federal and state legislation? Especially related to the recent policies.
      • There are liaisons we can work with and we are in a good climate to push boundaries.
    • Faculty report on CU Online. SEHD are relative innovators in this – if there are any ideas about this talk to Joni, Remi, Brad or Brent. They will talk to the CU Denver faculty/staff about our ideas. CU Online is a CU Denver priority. We should be on the front side of this.

Fifth Wednesday is going to be dedicated to talking about the Doctorial Programs.

  • All should engage- if you don’t have a doctoral program, should you?
  • All faculty should know that they might be called on for undergraduate, masters or doctoral programs or a combination, regardless of program.
    • May have smaller teams to solve problems in smaller groups, like the TELT Team.
  • Next Monday at noon is the scheduled PhD meeting. Scott encourages any and all faculty to come to that meeting, especially if you want to be more involved, 11/29 will be devoted to talking about doctorial programs.
  • What value propositions would you like to build the doctoral programs around?


September 27, 2017 Faculty Meeting Minutes