ReadMe: Pedagogy and the Logic of Platforms

Thanks to a grant from Chancellor Horrell, we are launching the ThinqStudio to examine critical digital pedagogy at CU Denver.  As a part of that work, we are sending 20 colleagues from the SEHD, CLAS, CAM, SPA, and CAP to the Digital Pedagogy Institute in July and August.  Among the topics explored this summer will be equity and inclusion in the digital space.  This article is authored by one of the keynote speakers at this summer’s events, Chris Gilliard, and is highly recommended.

“The digital divide is a noun; it is the consequence of many forces. In contrast, digital redlining is a verb, the “doing” of difference, a “doing” whose consequences reinforce existing class structures. In one era, redlining created differences in physical access to schools, libraries, and home ownership. In my classes, we work to recognize how digital redlining is integrated into technologies, and especially education technologies, and is producing similar kinds of discriminatory results.”

Gillard, C. (2017, July). Pedagogy and the Logic of Platforms. Retrieved July 19, 2017, from