Alan Davis Selected as 2016 Lynn K. Rhodes Faculty Award Recipient

March 2, 2017

It is my great honor to announce Dr. Alan Davis as the 2016 recipient of the School of Education and Human Development’s (SEHD) Lynn K. Rhodes Faculty Award. The Rhodes Faculty Award, established in 2008 by Dean Emeritus Lynn Rhodes, honors talented faculty who lend their expertise and energy to increasing the benefit of the School to its own faculty and to the community served by the faculty and the School’s graduates. Award recipients are selected by me on an annual basis based on three criteria: 1) exceptional performance as a faculty member; 2) significant contribution to the SEHD and/or the community that the School serves; and 3) a high degree of commitment to the School as an organization as evidenced by providing leadership for change and/or providing opportunities that increase the success of other faculty.

During the 2015-16 Service Year, Dr. Davis embodied the spirit of this award by demonstrating exceptional performance as a faculty member, contributing significantly to the SEHD and the SEHD community by serving on the Leadership & Finance Team and the Merit Review Committee. His service to the doctoral programs, chairing and serving on numerous doctoral committees, is also most valued. His insights and leadership on SEHD committees have been invaluable to me and the school. In addition to his service to the SEHD, Dr. Davis has demonstrated unyielding commitment to CU Denver by serving on several key committees, such as the Taskforce on Post-Secondary and Workforce Readiness and the Budget Priorities Committee. His service and commitment also extends to the state and national levels, where he serves on several committees.


Dr. Alan Davis is well-deserving of this award and it is my pleasure to acknowledge him for his selfless contributions to the SEHD and community. Please join me in congratulating him!


Rebecca Kantor                                                                 

Dean and Professor                                                                     


Dorothy Garrison-Wade

Acting Dean