Data Week: Rescuing unloved data

Insights from National Love Your Data Week

Courtney (Vidacovich) Donovan, PhD | Senior Research Instructor
Faculty Research Center Director


Things to consider

  • Inventory your data (quant should have a code book while qual should have a list of codes and/or a framework)
  • Organize the data
  • Assess the data for gaps or missing information
  • Describe the data in a short paragraph to remind yourself and others what is available
  • Consider making the data open and available for re-use

How the Research Center can help!

  • Bring us data you haven’t had time to dive into! Courtney will gladly give advice on analysis options and can help with getting it accomplished.
  • Consider letting a REM course use it! This can get you free analysis and possible presentation or publications with student co-authors.
  • Click HERE to see how else we can help you with research!

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