Dear Staff,

Last Friday our Dean sent a message to our students acknowledging the difficulties resulting from the election season and encouraging students to know we are here to support them. I invite you all to join me and Sandy Snyder-Mondragon in a Post-Election “Talk – Out” for Staff. This an opportunity for us to come together (regardless of your perspective) to talk through your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and concerns. We will also discuss ways that you as “front-line” professionals can support students (and each other). This is important in order for us to find clarity as we guide our students with resources and strategies through a period of uncertainty as well as some very concrete concerns.

Let’s work together to continue building the community we desire.

Post-Election Staff Talk-Out

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Noon – 1:30 pm

LSC 7th Floor Student Commons

Aswad Allen, PhD

Assistant Dean, Diversity & Inclusion

Post-Election Staff Talk-Out