North Classroom Renovations

The North Classroom Building will be undergoing renovations for the next 2 years, remodeling 34 classrooms beginning this summer. Below is the renovation schedule for each semester classrooms will be unavailable. During this time, the registrar’s office will be utilizing every general assignment classroom space that CU Denver owns.  To make sure we are able to find classroom space, we will schedule as many courses as possible in Lawrence Street. With that said space in very limited in LSC. It will be pertinent your course schedules are submitted on time, as rooms are assigned on a 1st come basis.  During the renovation, classroom changes will not be accommodated. Thank you in advance for your help and patience.

Summer 2016

NC 1207-95pp

NC 1311-35pp

NC 1312-35pp

NC 1313-40pp

NC 1314-40pp

NC 1315-48pp

NC 1316-35pp

NC 1402-48pp

NC 1408-55pp

NC 1511-55pp

NC 1515-55pp


Fall 2016

NC 1202-72pp

NC 1204-72pp

NC 2001-47pp

NC 2002-47pp

NC 3004-48pp

NC 3212-50pp


Spring 2017

NC 1321-40pp

NC 1322-35pp

NC 1323-40pp

NC 1324-36pp

NC 1325-47pp

NC 1326-42pp

NC 1521-55pp

NC 1525-48pp

NC 1533-35pp

NC 1602-48pp

NC 1603-48pp

NC 1605-48pp

NC 1607-72pp

NC 1608-95pp


Summer 2017

NC 1130-281pp

NC 1535-120pp

NC 1539-168pp

NC 1806-67pp


Fall 2017

NC 3407-52pp

NC 3112-50pp

NC 3202-52pp

NC 3205-50pp

NC 3207-50pp

NC 3209-50pp

NC 3210-40pp