Dear Colleagues,

CAEP’s strategic plan, which was created with wide public participation, committed CAEP to become a model learning organization.  CAEP’s organization and staff must continue to evolve as we address new challenges and anticipate the field’s needs. In this spirit, I am pleased to announce the following appointments.

Both our fundamental commitment to equity in the education of our nation’s P-12 students and the growing interest in accreditation outside the United States have come to require greater attention than is possible by staff with many other responsibilities.

I am pleased to announce that Scott Jackson Dantley will join CAEP as Special Assistant to the President for Equity and Global Issues. Dr. Dantley has broad and deep experience as a science educator, professor, and university administrator at a number of different institutions of higher education, including HBCUs. He has been active in teacher education accreditation both here in the US and internationally. Scott’s appointment will help CAEP deliver on its commitment to strengthening equity throughout our accreditation processes, including institutional capacity building. He will assist CAEP’s outreach to address international accreditation and other global considerations.

·         As we have proceeded to implement our new standards, it has become apparent that the accreditation of EPPs and the review of specialty areas within them must be more closely coordinated than they have been in the past. Unifying specialty area review and accreditation responsibilities under one individual will facilitate the closest possible integration of the two review functions. In addition, it will help our accreditation team communicate effectively with the field.  I am pleased to announce that Stevie Chepko has agreed to assume the role of Senior VP for Accreditation.

·         As we have proceeded to implement our new standards, it has also become apparent that the culture of evidence that pervades the IB Pathway must do so throughout our review of EPPs. I am pleased to announce that Christine Gorowara has agreed to take on that additional responsibility. Making high quality evidence central to the entire review process will assist EPPs as well as help CAEP achieve its mission and strategic plan. Christine’s strong expertise in data quality will be a real asset to this important work. Initially, she will collaborate with other staff on strengthening candidate assessments. To recognize this added responsibility, I am changing her title to Vice President for the IB Pathway and CAEP Evidence.

·         Over the next two months, CAEP will be working to address broad strategic questions on how CAEP can change teacher preparation by holding the field to high standards, all to improve student learning, while helping the field reach these high standards. I look forward to sharing those answers and our plan.


James G Cibulka


CAEP Update
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