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Teacher Education/Special Education Latest News

Important Information from Meredith Lopez, UCTE Academic Advisor:

Welcome back! And if this is your first semester with us, welcome to the School of Education & Human Development! I hope this edition finds you having a great start to your fall semester. And a big thanks you to all those who have been patient regarding program plan transitions and cohort specific section changes as well as learning the new student portal UCDAccess. Please note our name also went through a transformation and we are now the Urban Community Teacher Education Program to better reflect who we are and what we do.

Please see below for more information and important tips to get you off to a great academic start.

Quote of the month: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Sir Winston Churchill

SEHD Lounge Areas and Print Stations

We have recently purchased new furniture on the 6 & 7th floors for students to use for meeting space. Please see the comfy couches on the 6th floor just inside the door way by the drinking fountain. Also print stations are available for students on both floors.  We ask that you read the signs posted related to placement of furniture and using the print stations. We are under strict guidelines around placement of furniture in the hallways given fire hazards so we don’t want to have to remove the furniture because we violated the policy. We appreciate your attention to this matter. ENJOY !


Here’s a very Planning Tool to share with your site team-the semester academic planning document. This tool allows you to list major assignments organizing by course and month due and then being able to share this information with your Clinical Teacher and Site Coordinator in order to create clear communication and expectations for assignments that may need to be completed in conjunction with your internship. Take time to fill it out using all of your syllabi and share it as soon as possible with your CT so you can plan in advance for teaching in classroom.

Not sure when to add or drop a course, needing to know when UCD has vacation breaks, find all these answers and many more through the UCD Fall Academic Calendar. Make sure to keep a copy handy or posted next to your computer.

And don’t forget the incredible wealth of services on our larger UCD campus including the Writing Center, Counseling Center and Disability Resources and Services Office!  We highly encourage you to access the wealth of resources around you to be successful including your course instructors, site professor, site coordinator, and fellow teacher candidates. Take time to take care of yourself!

ID Cards

Student IDs and validation of current IDs (to obtain a semester sticker for city transportation) may be obtained in the Commuter Resource Center, Tivoli, room 269. Proof of tuition payment or class schedule (with your name and/or student ID# printed on the schedule) and a current picture ID are required.


The School of Education & Human Development uses email as the official means of communication. We strongly discourage students from forwarding their University email to another email address. Emails that are sent to students University email accounts that have a forward set up will NOT receive a copy of that email when they log into their University email.   This can be very problematic in obtaining your email in a timely manner. Just recently the University was blacklisted by Comcast and our emails were returned undeliverable. Even though this issue was fixed, it is an example of how timely communication may not be received. We highly recommend that you log into your university webmail on a regular basis and use this account during your school career.

Forms for Current Students

Forms and handbooks for current students can always be found here.

Substitute Teaching

Have some time to sub this semester? What to get familiar with different school districts? If so, download a substitute application and follow directions on the Colorado Department of Education’s website. Please note that you will also need to apply within each separate school district human resources department as well as inquire about pay scales.  .

Live Text

If you haven’t already done so, please plan on attending an introductory training session on LiveText. For students admitted prior to Summer 2010, additional training is available. Details can be found here.

Live Text Tip: Firefox web browser is the most effective browser to use with LiveText.  For Mac users, please know that Safari is incompatible.  For PC users, MS Explorer will work, but Firefox is still more reliable & efficient.

AmeriCorps Information Sessions

Count your time in the classroom and at your internship site. Receive stipend money for giving back to the community through the  Urban Community Teacher Education Program!  Find out more about this program at scheduled information sessions. Please look for an email from Ms. Willie Brown with more information and location. You can also contact her at here.

2010-11 Praxis II/Place

If you haven’t taken the Place or Praxis II Licensure Exam, please review Praxis dates and Place dates to see when you can take the next exam. Keep time on your side, take it early!

If you have any questions about which exam to take for your content area, please go to these sites: or

Please make sure you follow these steps when you take the Place or Praxis II:

  • List UC DENVER as an institution to receive scores. This assures that your name will be on the right list.
  • When you receive your passing scores, keep a copy for your records. Save the PDF to your hard drive or file the hard copy in a safe place. Failure to do so will cost you. Testing agencies charge up to $40 to resend score reports.
  • Submit a copy of your passing score report to or fax to 303.315.6311. Although you checked UC DENVER as an institution to receive your scores, we do not get sub-scores from testing agencies. Sub-scores can only be obtained if you submit a copy of every page of your score report.

If you are starting your third internship this fall and we do not have your score report, please send it to Rachel immediately. Please email it to or fax to 303.315.6311. We must have your scores on record 20 days before you start your internship.


Office Calendar/Schedule

Please note that our main SSC office is now on official fall schedule and is open 8-6pm M-Thursday and 8-5pm Fridays. You can reach an Academic Advisor for appointments or questions by calling 303-315-4980 or emailing

Attention Special Education Teacher Candidates:

The internship element of the special education licensure program provides the opportunity for you to connect theory to practice and is essential to your success in the program. With this in mind, please review the following information regarding the process for internship application for all “one-the-job” and alternative internship experiences and the reminder of the submission dates. A completed internship application must be submitted for all internships that are completed outside of a UCD partner school.

If you are intending to complete a special education internship outside of a UCD partner school during the Spring term of 2011, your completed application materials must be submitted to your special education faculty advisor by October 1st, 2010 for approval.

To ensure that each of your internship experiences provides you with varied professional opportunities to apply your skills in natural settings, and to enlarge the range of strategies you bring to the classroom, please remember to plan ahead and communicate with your advisor regarding internship requirements. All teacher candidates in the special education endorsement program are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skill with students of varying age and grade levels, so a range of internship experiences will be designed individually between you and your advisor. Please note the submission dates for each semester:

  • March 1st for Summer internships
  • May 1st for Fall internships
  • October 1st for Spring internships

Please contact Meredith Lopez in the Student Services Center if you need assistance in contacting your faculty advisor –

TC Student/PDS Spotlight

UCTE Gets Recognized

DENVER – Briseida Gomez is learning to live the life of teacher in an inner-city school. She’s a senior at the University of Colorado Denver and the hope is she can help stop the revolving door of turnover in urban schools.

“We’re learning about teaching in an urban community, getting to know the community and just ways of becoming a better urban teacher,” Gomez said.

UC Denver has unveiled a revamped Urban Community Teacher Education program to immerse student teachers in these environments to learn the specific needs of city kids.

“What does it mean to truly prepare an exceptional urban teacher? What’s the unique knowledge and the skills they really need to have?” Dr. Cindy Gutierrez, director of teacher education at UC Denver, said.

She says the idea is to get student teachers to understand the challenges, while also appreciating the culture found in inner city neighborhoods.

“One of the things that we work really hard to do is to paint a very different portrait of urban schools,” Gutierrez said.

Gomez grew up in Los Angeles, but she says this program still opens her eyes to the needs of immigrant students and low income families who attend Goldrick Elementary in Denver where she is student teaching.

“None of us really knew what we were getting into, you know, you don’t know what to expect even coming from an urban school,” Gomez said.

In Denver and in other urban areas around the country, there is an ongoing issue of keeping teachers in urban schools. Often, veteran educators leave for suburban districts for more pay of what some might consider “easier” jobs.

Gutierrez hopes her program can break the cycle by having student teachers feel invested in urban schools.

“It makes a significant difference in the identity that you have as a teacher,” Gutierrez said. “You see yourself as part of a community in that urban school.”

Gomez knows that teachers often have to be more than teachers in city schools.

“You have to get to know parents at a more personal level because the parents don’t always have as much time because they’re working two jobs,” Gomez said.

UC Denver is working with more than 30 schools in six different districts around the Denver area. Gomez believes she can set an example to pave the way for more teachers to work in urban schools.

“I grew up in an urban school and I want to stay there,” Gomez said.

See video and 9News article here.
(KUSA-TV © 2010 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

Hear our radio spots here. UCD – 1 UCD – 2 UCD – 3 UCD – 4

Goldrick Welcomes Our Teacher Candidates for 2010!!!!

We just want to welcome our group of teacher candidates to Goldrick!!   This group of TC’s has shown their dedication from day one and have been engaged, enthusiastic and are already working as a team, so I am sure that we are going to have a fantastic year because our group of TC’s this year is phenomenal!!!!

Welcome to Goldrick!!!

Kristopher DeCola, Angela West, Angeles Fields, Lauren Dougherty, Huong Nguyen, Nicole Martin, Teresa Dickinson, Mayra Gonzalez, Briseida Gomez, and Rachel Moen

~Tania Hogan, Site Coordinator, Goldrick Elementary School, DPS

UCD Candidates Hired

I wanted to share something with you that I think is noteworthy about the success of the IPTE program.  My husband is an elementary school principal.  In the past month, he has interviewed and hired teachers for two classroom positions at his school.  Each time, he interviewed about 7 candidates — both experienced and first year teachers.  For both positions, he hired a UCD teacher candidate — both first year teachers!  I think this speaks highly of the quality of candidates in the IPTE program!  Yea!

~Lisa Foubert, Site Coordinator, Westview Elementary School, Adams 12

Montview Elementary: Center of Excellence Award


Check it out!

CEC’s 2010 “Back to School” Student Membership Campaign Has Begun!

Students save $10 off CEC Student membership when they join or renew by Oct. 31, 2010.
The special membership application and campaign information and materials are posted on the CEC Web site.

Pay your dues in three easy payments! See the membership application for details.

This offer is valid only for students who join/renew using the special application or online using the special promotional code SRFALL10 by Oct. 31, 2010.

Questions about this offer or student membership recruitment? Please contact us at or call CEC at 888/232-7733.

The CEC Membership Team

Leadership Opportunities for CEC Student Members

Student members who wish to serve CEC at the international level are encouraged to apply for one of two positions available on the Student Committee for the term Jan. 1, 2011 – Dec. 31, 2012. Members of the committee are provided registration, accommodations, travel, and meal reimbursement to attend the CEC Annual Convention & Expo.

Deadline is Oct. 4, 2010. Visit the CEC Web site for more information and the application packet.

Encourage your students to apply today!

2011 CEC Student Awards and Scholarships

CEC’s Student Committee is soliciting applications for its 2011 awards and scholarships. The recipients will be recognized at an awards ceremony during the CEC Annual Convention & Expo; scholarship recipients will also receive a $1,000 cash award.

Deadline is Oct. 22, 2010. Visit the CEC Web site for more information and the nomination/application packets.

Nominate someone today!

2010 “Back to School” Student Membership Campaign

Students can save $10 off CEC Student membership when they join or renew by Oct. 31, 2010. They can also take advantage of CEC’s Dues Installment Plan to pay in 3 monthly payments! Find out more.

Questions? Contact us at or (888) 232-7733.

More SCEC Info

The Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) is moving toward action.  The National TASH conference is coming to Denver and needed a resource to determine what restaurants/business are accessible for all individuals with disabilities.  Thus, SCEC invites you to join them in their task of identifying the resources for TASH participants.  We were all surprised that the resource did not already exist and our SCEC organization is moving into action to provide information.  If you want to be involved in SCEC or just want to join the group in their efforts, join us on Friday, October 8 @ 4 p.m.  We are meeting at the Quiznos on 16th St Mall (address:  216 16th St # 100)  Bring strollers, kids, wheelchairs, friends, and be ready to have some fun.  The faculty advisors will provide a checklist for the group to help streamline the process. Contact Caron Westland for more information.

The Next Bill Gates by Chris Gdowski

Appears that the “next Bill Gates” may be a student in our District . . . .   Read along and I’ll explain.

Thanks to the initiative of several teachers and building leaders, we added some “smartboards” to several District classrooms last year, and more have been added this year.  A smartboard, at first glance, looks much like the white “wipeboards” that have been in place in classrooms for years.  When these boards are plugged in, however, they allow for a much more engaging, interactive educational experience for our students.  Smartboards connect to a laptop computer and allow teachers to display text, video, and other content from the internet;  students to work through problems in front of the whole class so that all can learn from what their peers are doing right and wrong; and the entire class to participate in quizzes with “clickers” that allow them to submit answers to multiple choice questions.   Kids love them, and so do parents; I’ve heard many parents comment that they would have been much more tuned in to instruction if smartboards had been in place when they were growing up.

State-of-the-art smartboards cost about $5000, and given our budget environment we’re not in a position to place them in every classroom.   Thanks to an innovative student at Horizon High School, however, we may be able to expand the number of interactive boards throughout the District at a much smaller cost of $200 per classroom.

Our Horizon innovator — the “next Bill Gates,” as Cherry Drive principal Tina Hepp describes him — has figured out how to add a Wii gaming remote to our mobile “starcarts” and convert the old-fashioned classroom wipeboards into interactive smartboards.  Bill Jr. is the son of one of the teachers at Cherry Drive and presented his innovative solution to the Cherry Drive staff in the spring.  The staff was excited about the ability of this improvised smartboard to energize instruction, and so the Wii-powered smartboards are going live in every classroom at Cherry Drive.  Last week I watched kindergarten students use the interactive boards to identify coins; sort objects by shape and color; and color animals on the large screen.  They loved it!

Bill Jr.’s innovation is reason enough to celebrate, but “the rest of story” concerns collaboration.  The Cherry Drive staff was not content to keep the improvised smartboard a secret; they’ve been in touch with colleagues down the road at Riverdale Elementary, and now the kindergarten classroom at Riverdale also has the Wii-powered smartboard up and running.  I had a chance to try my hand at the smartboard, and realized that I need to stay away from all of the game shows that put adults up against fifth graders — or even kindergartners.  I struggled to use the interactive pen on the smartboard, while the five year olds used it like old pros . . .

We can all take away some important learning from Bill Jr. and the team at Cherry Drive, including the following:

— staff often describe their school as a “learning community,” but that community is usually understood as one in which adults teach one another and in turn share that wisdom with students.  The improvised smartboard developed by our Horizon student, however, teaches that a “learning community” should be viewed in much bigger terms — one in which students, parents and staff can teach and learn from one another to maximize the quality of the educational experience provided to students.

— it’s fashionable for people these days to talk about “doing more with less,” but that’s usually not feasbile.  We’ve had to do “less with less” in many parts of our District because of budget limitations; we’ve reduced transportation, eliminated outdoor education for sixth graders, and cut back on a number of athletic programs.   There are times, however, that you can do “almost as much with less.”  These improvised smartboards are one example.   They do not have the same capability as the more expensive smartboards, but they add tremendous value to students’ classroom experience.

— we can move our District from good to great by getting out of our silos and sharing our new ideas, successes and failures with one another.  The Cherry Drive staff modeled that by having Bill Jr. present his innovative idea with them, and then they took in the next step by sharing it with colleagues at Riverdale.  And now I’m taking it the next step; I’ve asked our Information Technology group to get information out to all of our buildings in the near future regarding various smartboard techologies, their functions, limitations, and costs so that we can find ways to provide this interactive technology to more students in our system.

See more blogging here.

My son was on her “bucket list”

Please click here to read the story about Mary Pat Holliday, a 9 year DPS teacher, who spent her final year teaching at Cole, one of our Professional Development Schools. This article was submitted by Jason Janz, pastor of a church in Five Points and the parent of three Denver Public Schools students. Jason serves on the Cole Arts and Sciences Academy leadership team. His wife Jennifer volunteers in classrooms and works in the children’s ministry at their church.

Bucket List

Conferences & Special Events

Disability Awareness Festival

Click here for flier.

Dimensions of Diversity

Please note – Due to limited capacity of this free event, only the first 20 respondents will be registered. Margarita Bianco will notify you of your registration status by October 15th.

Please click here for ToCA flier and click here for Registration Form.

Job/Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer/Substitute Teaching Opportunities at Pioneer Charter School

On occasion, we may have positions that become available the last minute, during summer or in the middle of the school year. Pioneer is therefore happy to receive applications throughout the year even for positions that do not have posted openings. If you are interested in joining our faculty and staff, please follow the application process below to apply to Pioneer Charter School. We look forward to hearing from you.

Individuals interested in employment at the school should apply directly to the Principal at

Selection Process

If requested by the Principal, please submit a letter of interest (250 words or fewer explaining why you want to be a part of Pioneer Charter School), a statement of your educational philosphy (250 words or fewer), C.V. and college transcripts (if available).  Candidates must thoroughly understand and support the mission and philosophy of Pioneer Charter School.

STRIVE Seeking Site Coordinator


General Responsibilities:

STRIVE (Students Turning Responsibility Into Valuable Experience) is a unique after-school literacy and tutoring program that hires at-risk high school students as tutors for at-risk elementary and middle school students, improving both groups’ literacy levels, communication skills, and academic performance. STRIVE teaches the high school tutors the responsibility of a steady job, the significance of educational goals and objectives and how to be a role model for youth.

Scope: The Site Coordinator will report to the Resident Services Intern, and will be responsible for facilitating the STRIVE program at their assigned location. Facilitation includes teaching literacy, tutoring, and integrating the high school tutor into the program. In addition to facilitating the STRIVE program, the Site Coordinator will mentor and be a positive role model for the high school students who are tutors. The Site Coordinator will work with the Resident Services Intern to develop curriculum and assess the effectiveness of the curriculum and STRIVE program in general.

Qualifications include: Two years in elementary or secondary education or equivalent work experience, preferably in elementary education, experienced in lesson planning, experience with classroom management, organized, creative, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, comfortable in diverse settings and  communities, high energy, access to reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license, must be able to life at least 40lbs.

Salary: $15/hour

Status: Non-exempt

Date of Positions: ASAP – May 27, 2011

Time Commitment: Part-time, 15-20 hours per week

Program Time: Mon. through Friday, 4:00PM to 6:00PM

Ages: 1st – 5th grade

Location: Hidden Brook Apartments, 1313 Xenia St., Denver, CO 80220

To Apply: Please apply as soon as possible.  Send a cover letter outlining qualifications, resume and three references via email or facsimile to:

Hope Communities

Attn: John Kenny

2543 California Street

Denver, CO 80205

Fax: 303.860.1914


Palmer Elementary School Seeking Volunteers

My name is Kate Logan and I am a third grade teacher at Palmer Elementary School.  For the past 6 years, I have run an after-school tutoring/mentoring program here on Tuesday nights.  I am looking for professional individuals who are interested in making a difference in the lives of 2-5th grade students.  Our tutoring program is from 6-7:30 p.m. and was designed that way to help professionals participate after work.

Please see our CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS sheet with my contact information on it.  My cell phone is: 720-273-5357.

Thank you so much for your time!
Kate Logan – 3rd grade teacher, Palmer Elementary

Nanny Needed For One Child 2-3 Days Per Week

A professional, fun and active family is in need of an energetic and reliable nanny. The nanny will be responsible for caring and loving their one year old boy. This very easy going and happy infant loves to take walks and be outside and take their two dogs to the nearby parks and trails. The family is looking for a knowledgeable nanny that likes to do activities, have fun and work on the development and growth of their child. Other responsibilities will include child related housekeeping and light cooking. The schedule for this position is Tuesday and Thursday from 8/8:30am-5/5:30pm and either a Wednesday or Friday. On Wednesday and Friday the family is flexible to do a half day (5 hours) or full day (8 hours). The schedule could range from 23-26 hours.

ALL candidates must meet all minimum requirements:

  • 18 years old and HS graduate
  • Have reliable car and car insurance
  • minimum 1 year commitment to a family and their schedule
  • 2 years of direct child care experience outside of family that can be verified with references (nanny exp., teaching exp. etc) Nanny experience is most desirable and experience must be more extensive than babysitting

Please do not apply if you do not meet all qualifications. If you do, please email for an application or download from our website ( We look forward to working with you.

Awesome family Seeking Flexible PT Nanny

An energetic, easy going and reliable nanny is needed to come and join a very close and loving family. The parents have three children, two boys ages 7,4 and an 8 month old little girl. With the two older children going to school full time, the nanny will primarily be responsible for the care of the infant. A nanny that is really focused on child development, learning and creative will be a great fit in playing and working with the family. The parents are very dedicated to the children and looking for someone that they can build a strong and lasting relationship with. The schedule for this position requires flexibility and will be 20-25 hours in being with the children over three days a week. It will be Monday 9:00am-3:00pm, Friday 9:00am-1/2pm and one addition day that the family can be flexible on. Other responsibilities for this position include child related housekeeping and cooking duties. The family is looking for someone to start in mid August so please complete a Nanny application as the family is going to start reviewing applications soon.

ALL candidates must meet all minimum requirements:

  • 18 years old and HS graduate
  • Have reliable car and car insurance
  • minimum 1 year commitment to a family and their schedule
  • 2 years of direct child care experience outside of family that can be verified with references (nanny exp., teaching exp. etc) Nanny experience is most desirable and experience must be more extensive than babysitting

Please do not apply if you do not meet all qualifications. If you do, please email for an application or download from our website ( We look forward to working with you.

Nanny Needed Two Full Days Per Week For Sweet Baby Girl

A very close and outgoing couple is in need of an experienced and responsible nanny to watch their infant baby girl. The parents are both friendly and personable and looking for a nanny that will partner with them and build a warm and supportive relationship. An active and energetic nanny would be a great fit as the family is wanting someone that will keep their child engaged and open to going to parks , classes and zoo once she gets a little older. Other responsibilities will include all child related housekeeping and laundry. The schedule for this position is Tuesday and Friday from 7:30am-6:00pm. A nanny with great infant experience that is detail oriented, honest and caring will be a great fit!

ALL candidates must meet all minimum requirements:

  • 18 years old and HS graduate
  • Have reliable car and car insurance
  • minimum 1 year commitment to a family and their schedule
  • 2 years of direct child care experience outside of family that can be verified with references (nanny exp., teaching exp. etc) Nanny experience is most desirable and experience must be more extensive than babysitting

Please do not apply if you do not meet all qualifications. If you do, please email for an application or download from our website ( We look forward to working with you.

Colorado Youth for a Change looking for Tutors

Click here to email Aviva.