Towards Equitable Parent-School Collaboration: Developing Common Parent Engagement Indicators

January 30, 2014


Ann M. Ishimaru, Joe Lott, Ismael Fajardo, Jessica Salvador

Educational systems are increasingly expected to partner with parents and families to ensure the success of all students; however, the field struggles to characterize and measure parent engagement and its impacts. In this working paper from the University of Washington, readers are presented with common indicators of parent engagement as a way to quantify parent-school collaboration. These indicators include: the percentage of parents who feel knowledgeable and confident in their ability to support their child's learning in PreK through college; the percentage of parents who believe their school provides a welcoming and culturally responsive learning environment; and the percentage of parents who have leadership opportunities and influence on decision-making at their school or district.

APA Citation: 

Ishimaru, A.M., Lott, J., Fajardo, I., & Salvador, J. (2014). Towards equitable parent-school collaboration: Developing common parent engagement indicators. Seattle: University of Washington, College of Education.


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