The Promise of PreK-3rd: Promoting Academic Excellence for Dual Language Learners in Red Bank Public Schools

January 4, 2013


Geoff Marietta, Sky Marietta

This case study tells the story of Red Bank, New Jersey's coherent P-3 approach to educating Dual Language Learners (DLLs) and preparing them for expanded life opportunities. This comprehensive P-3 approach is built upon the following:

  • Expanding learning opportunities for young DLL students,
  • Integrating P-3 curricula and instructional practices that develop mastery and self-regulation,
  • Building intentional community partnerships that support a common goal of educating the whole child, and
  • Implementing multiple-source assessment practices that drive curricula and instructional alignment and teacher quality. 

APA Citation: 

Marietta, G. & Marietta, S. (2013). The promise of PreK-3rd: Promoting academic excellence for dual language learners in Red Bank Public Schools. New York: Foundation for Child Development. 


  • District-Level Perspectives


  • New Jersey